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Tips for Boosting Windows 10 Performance Without any Third Party Software

window 10 third party software

With the significant enhancements in usability and functionality windows 10 is getting more popular in the users. As it is best fit for the latest touch screen desktop and laptop devices, users are updating their systems to windows 10.

Apart from all the features of windows 10, many users suffer from the problem windows 10 very slow startup. It is very frustrating to work with the slow performance system. This article is having some quick and easy guidelines which can be used to improve the performance of the windows 10 operating system.

Tips to boost the windows 10 performance:

User can optimize windows 10 performance by using two ways; user can either boost windows performance using some tools available in the market or optimize performance by following certain guidelines.

Shutdown or restart the system:

To shutdown is necessary for any machine. Most of the windows users the do not shut down the system. Instead they just put their display screen sleep or put the system in hibernate mode. For the better performance user should shutdown the system after using it. After the shutdown the memory get cleared which is being used over time.

For any kind of slowdown in system user can firstly restart the system and check whether system runs smoothly.

Change the power plan:

Certain changes in power plan can provide high windows 10 performance and the question of how to speed up windows 10 get solved. User can set high performance power plan option. This power plan might need high battery power but offers the better system performance.

To activate this power plan follow following steps.

  1. Open control panel.
  2. Select hardware and sound.
  3. Click on power options.
  4. Select the high performance power plan.

Update the windows 10 regularly:

Microsoft frequently launches the new updates in windows 10 on their sites. User should update their windows 10 regularly as it helps to improve the system performance and efficiency.

User should take the backup before installing any major updates on the windows 10 system.

Scan system for viruses and malwares:

With the increasing use of internet, there is high probability that harmful or fishy programs or malware enters into user’s system cause slowdown in system performance. User should scan the system regularly and remove the malwares and viruses, if any.

Windows 10 comes with built in antivirus program named as windows defender. Scanning system for viruses by using windows defender or any third party software might help to boost the windows 10 performance.

Uninstalled unused software’s:

Many users are having tons of software installed in their system which are not in used from months. Such unused software occupies large amount of space in the memory causes system slowdown.

Uninstalling such software might help to minimize the system load and improves performance. To uninstall the programs the steps are

  1. First open Control Panel
  2. Select Programs tab from available options.
  3. Click on the programs and features
  4. Click on uninstall the program option.
  5. It opens the list of programs and software in the system. User can select the software which is no longer in use and uninstall it.

Minimize the Startup load:

System requires more time to start because of heavy loads on start up. This is one of the most common reasons of system slowdown. Some programs like adobe are taking more time to load so user can disable unwanted or rarely used programs and software on startup through the task manager and improve the system performance by executing following steps.

  1. Press ctrl + alt + delete and then open task manager.
  2. In the task manager select the startup tab.
  3. Select the program which you used very rarely and remove or disable it from the startup.

Troubleshoot problems:

From the creator updates of windows 10, Microsoft offers built in troubleshooter which scans different issues and fix the issue if any. It solves the issues with Bluetooth, BSOD, windows update, audio, keyboard and other hardware problems.

User can get troubleshooter by

Setting -> Update and recovery -> Troubleshooter

Disable transparency and special effects:

Windows 10 comes with many advanced special effects and animations. This gives an attractive look to windows 10 to lowers the system performance.

One can remove the special effects and transparency and have the good system performance.

Avoid live tiles in startup menu:

Windows 10 is having very special start up menu which consist of live tiles by default. It is recommended that the user should turn off the live tiles for better performance.

Turning off the one drive cloud synchronization:

Windows 10 comes with built in feature of Microsoft cloud storage in the form of one drive, by using it user can have backup of all the files on the cloud. It continually synchronizes all the files between cloud storage and the system data.

Sometime the one drive synchronization causes system to slow down. User can pause the one drive synchronization or turn it off permanently. To do so user need to right click the one drive icon in the notification area and click on pause synchronizing for the time during which you want high performance of windows 10.

Clean out disk:

Sometime windows 10 100 disk usage is the reason behind the disk usage. Your disk is 100% utilize by the system. Disk cleaning can help to solve this to do so follow the path Settings > System > Storage.

User can see toggle button on the top of screen, make it on. It monitors the windows continuously find and deletes the junk filers which are no longer in use. User can also delete the temporary files in this window.

User can select the time period after which junk files and temporary files get deleted in this section.

Increase the system RAM:

To run the windows 10 smoothly, user need to have at least 4 GB of RAM or virtual memory. To run the heavy applications such as video games or adobe software, large amount of RAM needed.

The system with less amount of RAM can have the slow performance to overcomes this user can increase the amount of RAM.

One can also make use of solid state drive (SSD) as it is faster than typical hard drive storage. SSD is little costly than traditionally used hard drives but provides faster access and minimize the loading time of windows 10,

Reset the system

If still the question how to make windows 10 run faster remains unsolved after trying all the above options then the reset the windows 10 is last option to optimize the windows 10 performance. Sometimes the corrupt widows may be the reason behind the system performance lagging.

User need to try all the above options and take the backup of their data before going for this option.

Users which are not technically strong unable to get answer of how to speed up computer windows 10 manually by following above tips can also make use of third party software which automatically clears registry, defragment disk, delete temporary files and helps to optimize the windows 10 performance.


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Top fixes of windows for download windows 10 manual, get free windows 10 download, Windows.old directory in my system.

download windows 10 manual

As Windows 10 is a long-lasting Windows operating system, everybody is upgrading their program. Both the new desktops and laptops have windows with 10 operating systems enabled. Users who don’t know what edition of windows I have, should obey the measures below to get it.start > computer and right click and select properties to know the version of their windows operation system. Whether you are using Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, we suggest that you update the machine to Windows 10. This article has some popular queries about install and download windows 10 manual, get free windows 10 download, Windows.old directory in my system, get my previous version of windows after installing windows 10 which are the most asked by the users. 

Question 1:

How can I get free windows 10 download or windows 10 update free download?

Microsoft declared that windows insider can get free copy of windows 10. Windows insider can also get the windows updates before windows 10 update free download users receive it. A Windows insider helps Microsoft to identify the issues in windows updates and provide the feedback to them.

User can get free copy of windows 10 update free download by following given steps.

1. Open the web browser in the system.

2. Go to

3. Click on link of become an insider today.

4. Login or sign up there. User can use their mobile number, email id or Skype to sign in.

5. User can get the windows 10 for phone as well as PC. In this we are installing windows 10 in the desktop or laptop machine.

6. After clicking on the PC user gets the detail requirement of the machine to download the latest build of window 10.

7. User can check whether their system meets the requirements if yes then click on the link of get the preview.

8. To download the ISO file of windows 10 user can click on the link of download the ISO

9. User need to note down the windows preview key on the paper which user need in the next steps to activate the copy of the window.

10.Select the language for your windows 10 copy.

11.Select the system type 32 bit or 64 bits for windows operating system.

12. Click on download button to begin the download process of windows 10.

13. Downloading process may take some time. After downloading user can burn the ISO file to USB or DVD.

Question 2:

How to install and download windows 10 manual ?

User can install and download windows 10 manual by using windows 10 bootable usb or DVD. If user is having the ISO file in the system then user can simply click on the run.exe file to initiate the process of installation of windows 10.

Following steps provides the guidelines to install windows 10 by using bootable USB or DVD in the system.

1. Insert your Bootable USB or DVD which contain windows 10 in the system.

2. Restart the system and open the BIOS menu of your system. In most of the system user can access the boot menu by pressing f10 key after restarting the system.

3. In the boot manager menu select USB or DVD as the booting option for your system.

4. Set your language, time setting and input setting.

5. After then click on the install now button.

6. It will ask for the windows key. Type the windows key which you note while downloading the ISO file and confirm and agree the software license.

7. In the next screen user can have the option of clean installation or custom installation and upgrade installation option.

8. User can get free windows 10 upgrade by selecting Upgrade option. As it will keep your person files in the system where as custom or clean installation will remove everything from C drive and provide fresh windows 10 for user to use.

9. User should take the backup of the system before selecting the custom installation option.

10.For the clean installation user need to select the hard drive or SSD for the windows 10 installation in the system.

Question 3:

What new features I get after updating my system with windows 10?

As windows 10 is the Microsoft’s next generation operating system for client. It is having all the improved functions and security features listed below.

1. Microsoft edge web browser:

It is the default and more secured web browser offered by windows 10.

It provides high speed browsing preserves the power of your system and provides better security while using internet. User can change the default browser by making use of window 10 control pannel.

2. Cortana:

It is having simple features like Google now or Siri. Windows 10 users can talk and give commands to the Cortana. User can make use of their microphone and talk with their virtual assistant in windows 10 i.e. Cortana.

3. Task views and multiple desktop features:

Many heavy windows users are having the habit of opening multiple applications same time. User can manage their multiple opened applications in the task view. Windows 10 is also having the virtual desktop option in which user can some of their applications.

Apart from the above features windows 10 offers amazing windows 10 wallpaper, user interface, animations and user view better than previous versions of the windows.

Question 4:

Do I need internet connection for using window 10?

No. Generally windows 10 can run smoothly without having the internet connection in day to day use. Microsoft recommends keeping the windows 10 up to date for the better performance. So for downloading and installing the windows 10 updates user need internet however user can also install the updates from the USB without internet connection but to download it user need internet.

Question 5:

What is the Windows.old directory in my system?

If user upgrade their system from windows 7 or 8.1 to windows 10 then all the users files are stored in the folder named as Windows.old. User can access their previous personal files from this folder. After the one month windows 10 provides the option to switch back to previous version of your window. If user deletes this folder then user do not get the option to switch back to their previous version of windows.

Question 6:

How do I get my previous version of windows after installing windows 10?

Most of the users are having habit to use windows 7 or 8 for their daily operation. User can switch back to previous version of windows after one month after installing windows 10 in their system.

After the one month user can use below steps to switch back to previous version of windows.

1. Go to start > setting.

2. Select update and security option from the available list.

3. Click on recovery button.

4. Here user can see the option like go back windows 7/ 8.1.

5. User can click on the get started button to restore the previous version of their windows.


Conclusion: Solution for download windows 10 manual, get free windows 10 download, Windows.old directory in my system

We have tried to cover all question while installing or upgrading the windows system. However, User are requested that this process may take some time to complete so user may wait and follow on screen instructions to complete the process. User should plug in charging cable while restoring the windows on laptop. We are requesting the our user to write into comment section and tell us if you are still facing any issue.


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{Resolved} Simple and efficient ways to resolve opera not working problem in any windows system

opera internet browser issue

Opera is one of the most preferred browsers by the users who daily need to access internet. Opera provides the high speed and secure internet to its users. Opera is having a great features comparative to the other browsers available in the market. Apart from its excellent features in rare cases some of its users might face the issues like the opera not working problemIf any random visitor is having the same problem with their opera web browser you are at the perfect place. Individual users can also resolve the opera browser not responding error manually by using the some fixes procedures. This article includes all the fixes to resolve the opera not working problem error in windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10 operating system.

What would be solutions to eliminate opera not responding error ?

To restart the system is the primary solution to any kind of problem related with the software. Restarting the mobile or the computer system can remove the 70% of the software and applications issues associated with it.

Restarting the computer system is essential to get rid of web browser problem because many times we used the computer system for the long time continuously. This might cause the overheating of the system and if the cooler fan of the system is not working properly in such situation then it may cause the software error.

If the restarting the computer system doesn’t helpful for you then here are some set of solutions to solve the opera not working problem problem.

Step 1- Update the opera web browser. Please read below the process to update opera web browser.

User should install the latest version of the opera web browser for the best performance and advance features. After experiencing slow performance of their opera web browser user should check for the updates of the opera and install them.

Users can download all the latest updates of their opera web browser any timing from their official site. Here are the steps by executing which users update their opera web browser.

  • Open your opera web browser.
  • Go and click on the menu icon which is situated at top and left corner of the laptop or the desktop screen.
  • Click on the option ‘about opera’ from the context menu.
  • A new screen of about opera opens which provides the information about the current version of the opera. If the updates are available then it will automatically get installed.
  • Opera users also need to update the entire plug in installed in the web browser.
  • User will automatically get the notification when there are updates available of the plug in.
  • User need to click on that notification and follow on screen notifications to install the updates of installed plug in of the opera web browser.
  • Restart the system and open opera web browser.

Step-2 Re-installation of the opera web browser:

Reinstallation can help to remove all the issues of the web browser. To install the updated version of the opera web browser user need to uninstall the current version of the opera web browser from the system.

Here are the steps to uninstall opera web browser for the windows 7, windows 8 and windows 8.1 users.

  • Go to start.
  • Click on the control panel.
  • Select the ‘programs and features’ category from the available choices.
  • After then user can see the list all the installed programs and applications in the system.
  • Find and double click on the opera web browser to uninstall it.
  • User should follow the on screen instructions to remove opera web browser completely from the system.

How to windows 10 users can uninstall the opera web browser?

The above method can also use by windows 10 users but here is another simple to which windows 10 users can follow to uninstall the opera web browser.

  • Press windows key + I from the keyboard.
  • It will open the setting windows on the windows 10.
  • Go to apps icon.
  • In the list of installed applications locate opera web browser and click on the uninstall button.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on screen to remove opera web browser from the system.


After the uninstalling the opera web browser from the system, users can download the latest updated version of the opera web browser from its official website from the smooth experience of the web browsing.

Step-3 Clear browsing data:

The reason behind the slow opera browser or browser is not responding can be due to cache memory. Clearing cache memory and temporary files in opera web browser might help to speed up the opera web browser.

User should follow the given steps to increase the performance of the opera web browser.

  • Start the opera web browser.
  • Click on the menu icon which is on the top and left hand side of opera web browser.
  • Go to the setting.
  • Click on the privacy and security category from the available option.
  • Click on the button named as ‘clear browsing data’.
  • It opens a now window on screen which consisting different checkbox.
  • Click on the checkbox ‘cookies and other site data’ and the ‘cached images and files’.
  • Click on the clear browsing data.

Wait for clearing browser data process. This process can take some time. Restart the system and open the web browser. This will improve the opera web browser performance up to some extent.

Step-4 Remove unwanted or faulty plugins:

Many users have the plenty of the plug in installed in their opera browser. Some installed plug in user never used. User should disable the unwanted plug in to resolve the opera not working or the slow down opera problem.

It is also observed that some of the plug in like the java, flash and some multimedia plug in can cause the problems in the opera browser.

User can follow given steps to disable unwanted or faulty plug in from the web browser.

  • Open opera web browser.
  • Click on the menu from the top left corner of the opera web browser.
  • Go to the extensions again the click on the extensions.
  • User can also press the key ctrl + shift + E to open the extensions from the opera web browser.
  • It is open the list of all the extensions installed in the opera web browser.
  • Here user can select and disable the unwanted extensions from the web browser.

Step-5 Add no sand box feature/ parameter to opera web browser:

No sand box parameter offers the development and testing environment to the web browser. It is throws or ignores if any error occur in the web browser.

To add the no sandbox parameter into the opera web browser user can follow given steps.

  • Right click on the opera shortcut which user can find on the desktop.
  • Go the properties from the available menu.
  • In the properties click on the short cut tab.
  • Here user can see the target filed. Add ‘-no -sandbox’ after the double quote.
  • Click on the apply and then click on the ok button.

Step-6 Disable the windows firewall or third party antivirus software in the system:

Sometimes the windows firewall or the antivirus software which we used for our system can be the reason behind the slow performance or opera not working problem.

User can disable the third party antivirus which is used by them or add the opera web browser in the exception list of the antivirus software. Many users experienced that restarting the windows explorer eliminate the opera not responding issue. User can restart the windows explorer by the opening the task manager. To open the task manager user should click the ctrl + Shift + Esc keys simultaneously. Then right click on the windows explorer from the available list of processes. Click on the restart from the available context menu to restart the windows explorer.

Step-7 Disable ad block feature in the opera web browser:

By default opera provides the auto ad block feature for the smooth and advertisement free experienced to its users. But some users reported that disabling the ad block feature remove the opera not working error from their system.

User can disable the ad block feature by following the given instructions step by step.

  • 1. Start the opera web browser.
  • 2. Click on the opera menu icon.
  • 3. Go to the setting option from the open context menu. Users can simply the open the opera setting by pressing keys alt + p on the keyboard.
  • 4. Click on the basic option from the setting.
  • 5. On the left side user can see the check box under the heading block ads. User should uncheck that check box to disable ad block feature from your opera web browser.

By using all the above solutions users can remove the opera browser not working or slow opera browser problems in their windows operating system.


There are several third party applications or software available online which updates the opera web browser and performs all the above fixes of opera browser not working by itself to boost the opera performance in the user’s system. Users can make use of such software available in the market.

Write here in comment section, if you still facing any issue. 


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Know Before Updating Windows 10 Problems and Fixes

windows problems and fixes

People are now upgrading their system from windows 7 or windows 8.1 to windows 10. As Windows 10 is the improved and extended version of Windows 8.1. It is a great platform to employees and organizations as it contains different features and it contains the increased level of security and protection features.

With each update of windows 10 user get newer functionality and improvements in the performance with newly added features.

For better performance and the latest features, one should update the windows regularly. Sometimes instead of improving system performance, it can cause problems to the system which causes frustration among users. The user might face some problems while getting the latest Windows 10 updates download.

Is it safe to download and install windows 10 update 1809?

This is the question in most of the windows user’s mind these days because many users faced problem while updating their windows.

Windows 10 updates 1809 are officially released on 2 October 2018 but many windows users experienced latest windows 10 update stuck after installing the updates hence Microsoft was stopped distributing updates to users.

But now user can install windows 10 updates 1809 as solutions of most the problems are given in these articles.

Users who faced problems while downloading and installing windows updates from the internet can also install updates from the USB. User needs least 5GB empty space in USB drive to install windows updates from USB.

Some of the windows 10 problems today user can face after the windows updates and their troubleshooting are listed below.

Problems while updating windows 10:

  • Delete files from hard drives:

Users reported online that they lose their data after installing windows 10 updates in their system. It is also observed that the missing files are hidden somewhere in the system e.g. Windows. old folders.

If the user experienced the data missing or data loss after installing the latest Windows 10 updates then the user should follow the following three steps.

  1. Stop using a device or that folder immediately.
  2. Check the recycle bean for the missing files. If the files are found then restore the files.
  3. Use the professional data recovery software if nothing is found.

To avoid data loss user should take back up important data before installing the latest Windows 10 update.

Microsoft strongly recommends extending or increasing the space of c drive before updating the windows 10 operating system. User can also free up disk space before updating. If the user follows the above steps then he/she can successfully be updating windows 10 without any data loss.

  • Audio issues:

Lots of user’s reports latest windows 10 update stuck and broken audio drivers after the windows 10 updates. The user gets an error ‘No Audio Device Installed’ on the system.

To troubleshoot audio issues like broken audio drivers after windows 10 updates 1809 follow the steps provided below.

  1. Open search box and search for device manager.
  2. Click on sound, video and game controller.
  3. Search for an option which has a yellow triangle with exclamation mark probably Realtek device.
  4. Click on that particular device which has a problem.
  5. From the windows menu, select device by connection.
  6. User will see the parent device Intel SST Audio Controller which stands for Intel smart sound technology driver.
  7. Right click on that parent audio controller device.
  8. Select properties from the available options.
  9. Click on the driver tab, if the driver version you have is then you might get incorrect audio drivers.
  • If the drivers are incorrect then uninstalled the drivers and restart the system.
  • The broken audio drivers after windows updates should work properly.

User can also manually reinstall the audio drivers from the bootable USB drive.

  • Certain software is not connecting to the internet after windows updates:

It is very common windows update problems today user can experience. Users are unable to access the internet after installing windows 10 update version 1809.

If the user follows the following guide then it would help him to solve their internet connection problem after update.

First step user needs to follow is to restart the system or computer. Open the command prompt and enter the command ‘ipconfig’ and press enter button. After that note down the default gateway address of the system and then type ‘ping default gateway address’ and hit the enter button.

User can also use the command ‘ping’. It checks the networking setup on the system. If the problem still remains after successfully pinging the router then the user can restart the router and connect pc and router by using different cables.

Windows 10 is having featured network troubleshooter which diagnosis and helps to repair numerous connectivity problems. Resetting TCP/IP setting might help the user.

Use can also update the network adapter to fix the issue of network connectivity. There is a possibility that current network adapter doesn’t suit to latest Windows 10 updates.

If the system network adapter stops work immediately after windows update user simply can uninstall the network adapter driver or reset the network adapter. Windows 10 will automatically download the network drivers which are suitable to it.

If probing solved is still not getting solved then the user can unable windows firewall and antivirus and check network connectivity.

  • Icloud synchronization problem:

It is found by apple cloud is not compatible with the latest released windows 10 updates. If the user already has cloud installed on their system then it encountered synchronization problem with windows 10 updates.

Microsoft is working with the apple to solve the cloud synchronization problem. Apple recently updates the customer support page which states that the latest version of cloud version 7.8.1 is compatible with windows 10 updates.

If any user is suffering from cloud synchronization problem after windows 10 updates then the user can uninstall the current version of icloud and install the latest version of icloud in the updated system.

  • Compatibility issues with Intel CPU’s:

The system’s Intel CPU also gets affected by the latest Windows 10 updates 1809.

Microsoft advised that not to manually update the windows until and unless users have the latest available Intel system drivers installed in the computer. Intel fixes the problem of compatibility with Windows 10 updates in the form of driver which consists of Intel graphics driver version

Before updating windows 10 user should be confirmed whether they have 6th generation Skylake CPU or newer processors in their computer.

If system problem not getting solved after trying all the above solutions then the user can reset the updates.

To reset the windows after installing windows updates, the user needs to follow the below steps.

1. Type CMD in the search box and Open command prompt run it as administrator.

2. Once the black screen of command prompt open type the commands provided below one by one and press

  • net stop wuauserv
  • net stop bits
  • net stop cryptsvc
  • Ren %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution\SoftwareDistribution.bak
  • Ren %systemroot%\system32\catroot2 catroot2.bak
  • net start wuauserv
  • net start bits
  • net start cryptsvc

3. After successfully running all the commands, the user can restart the desktop computer or laptop and try to update windows again. These commands uninstall the updates of windows 10 and restore it back.

If windows user is unable to find solutions to windows 10 updates problems then the user can be mailed the problem to Microsoft support team and get the help from customer executive via email.


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