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[Solved QA] A WordPress Beginners Guide: What is WordPress theme and process of installation and deletion


Today we will read about WordPress theme. The New user of WordPress is always welcome to our website. Here we cover very time new topic. If you are beginner and no any idea of WordPress then this article will be very helpful for you. WordPress is content management system (CMS) where you can easily create a website / blog and can manage your every content in efficient way without knowing a single line of script or code.  It is the largest use of CMS worldwide.                                                                            Themes are the useful section of any WordPress website or blog, without it you can’t amazing a good website. so, in this article, we will teach you few basic of WordPress theme here, ‘what is WordPress theme?’  ‘how to install WordPress theme?’ ‘how to delete WordPress theme?’ Let’s start … 

What is WordPress theme? 

WordPress theme is template which has stylesheet to show the look and feel of any website or blog on WordPress CMS platform and it comes with specific functionality, style, UI to solve the purpose of different type of website. It can be created by website/blog user or there are many free or paid templates available in WordPress admin section where you can choose as per your choice. 

WordPress theme are assembled by few sections internally on the script/code level, they are  

  • Design files 
  • Style sheet 
  • Function  
  • Admin file 
  • Optional Script file 

 How to install WordPress theme? 

install-wordpress-themeIt’s important part of any WordPress website or blog. WordPress theme installation process is very easy, anyone can install without any technical knowledge. User need to follow below process  

  • Step-1 Login WordPress admin 
  • Step-2 Go to Appearance and select themes option 
  • Step-3 Top of the left side, you will see a button called Add New > click on it to access Add      Theme page > you will find that there are many free themes available > Choose the appropriate theme for your use   
  • Step-4 Click on INSTALL button top of the left side of your chosen theme and after installation, it will show the option there to ACTIVATE the theme, so click on it to activate.   

How to delete WordPress theme? 

WordPress CMS has given complete freedom to their user of any customisation, upgradation, installation, and deletion of theme at any point to time. So, you can easily delete WordPress theme in few easy steps. 

Step-1 Login to WordPress Admin Dashboard 

Step-2 Go to Appearance Theme > Select your installed theme and click on DELETE option (right side of bottom) 


Conclusion: About WordPress basic ‘What is WordPress theme’  

Here we have tried to teach you some WordPress basic thing like what is WordPress themehow to install, and how to delete WordPress theme. Hope user will like the way that we have covered the topic in easy way, nevertheless If you have any confusion of above given topic, please write in comment area. We will reply you with correct answer. Apart from this I am asking a question to our user which is related to this topic. ‘Which theme of WordPress you like the most?’ please answer in comment section below. 


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