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Fixed: macOS Sierra Won’t Boot/Fail to Start Up after Update

updating macOS Sierra

macOS Sierra has now been updated into 10.12.2 version and many Mac users are trying to get developer’s beta version for their Mac devices so to get the latest new features. However, some users complain that their Mac computers stop working after installing new macOS Sierra. The exact problem is that macOS Sierra won’t boot after update. 

If you are having the same problem that your Mac fails to boot after updating macOS Sierra, don’t worry. Effective methods are available here to help you fix macOS Sierra won’t boot error without losing any data on your Mac now. Now let’s see

how to fix macOS Sierra won’t boot or fail to start up after the update.

Method 1. Force to boot Mac to fix macOS Sierra fail to boot error

  • Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds till Mac turn off;
  • Wait a few seconds and press Power button to turn on Mac.

If this doesn’t work, you may need to try other 4 methods here in this article.

Method 2. Try Safe Boot Mac from Safe Mode to fix macOS Sierra won’t boot error

  • Turn on Mac, press Shift when you hear the startup sound and release it till you see Apple logo;
  • After Mac fully starts, restart the computer normally without holding any keys/buttons.

Wait patiently till Mac computer finish the reboot process.

Method 3. Use Disk Utility and restore from Recover Mode to fix macOS Sierra fail to boot error

  • Boot Mac up, press Command + R during the boot-up process;
  • Click Disk Utility option > Click First Aid and try repairing Mac’s disk;
  • Disk Utility will automatically run fsck (file system check) operation to help you repair macOS Sierra fail to boot error;
  • If this fails, try to restore from Recovery mode.
  • Reinstall OS X in Recovery Mode will automatically download and install the latest macOS Sierra for your Mac device.

Method 4. Use Terminal to fix macOS won’t boot error after update

  • Open Terminal Applications > Utilities;
  • Enter: system_profiler SPExtensionsDataType > ~/Desktop/kextList.txt and hit return;
  • Open the kextList.txt file on desktop > Press Apple(Command) + F to bring up find;
  • In the find field insert “Obtained from Not Signed” and copy the destination to the .kext file to a list for use later;
  • Click Next to cycle through all of them, for example: /System/Library/Extensions/JMicronATA.kext
  • Browse your drive to /System/Library/Extensions and remove all unsigned text files;
  • Reboot and your Mac boot problem shall be all set.

Method 5. Reinstall macOS Sierra to fix boot error after update

The last method to fix macOS Sierra fails to boot after update error is to reinstall macOS Sierra. You can download wanted macOS Sierra and create the new bootable drive to clean install macOS Sierra on your computer again.

Then macOS Sierra fails to boot or cannot start up after update error will be thoroughly solved.

Extra Tip: Restore lost data due to macOS Sierra failure

In order to avoid unexpected data loss trouble due to macOS Sierra update, or if you have lost some data after fixing macOS Sierra won’t boot after the update, you can try to restore backups from Time Machine.

But if you don’t have any backups, you may try professional Mac data recovery software EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac to get all lost Mac data back. It allows you to restore all lost data due to macOS update or other reasons within 3 steps. Just download it and let it help get all lost data backup now:

Step 1. Where was data lost after operating system update? Choose the location and click Scan.

macOS Sierra failure

Step 2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac will immediately scan your selected disk volume and display the scanning results on the left pane.

 EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

Step 3. After the scan, select the target files that were unknowingly lost during or after the update and click Recover Now button to get them all back.

macOS Sierra


Now you can fix macOS Sierra won’t boot or fail. Nevertheless, if you feel you need a help. please write us.


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What is comparison between safari vs chrome or chrome vs safari in web browser ?

safari vs chrome

Web browser software is the application with the help of which user can access the internet services. This article will based comparison which will differentiate two web browser on its advantages and features. here we will compare safari vs chrome or  chrome vs safari.

What is comparison between safari vs chrome or chrome vs safari ?

Google chrome: Several web browsers are available in the market out of them Google chrome is the most used browser in Google chrome. Internet explorer which is the default web browser in the Microsoft windows recommends using Google chrome browser for better experience.

Advantages to using Google chrome:

  • Offers fastest web browsing experience with the shortest page loading time.
  • Attractive personalized color themes for users.
  • Easy to understand and use with the simple design.
  • Less time requires for the installation of the chrome browser.
  • User can enjoy browsing without getting logged in into Google chrome with the indigo private browsing.
  • Safe and secure browsing experience.
  • User can synchronies their browser settings with different devices.
  • Several web browser extensions are available which can enhance the browser functions.
  • Cross platform features and efficient tabs management system.
  • Offers integration with other Google apps like ad sense, Gmail, Google ads, search console and many more.

The users which have the daily working on the Google chrome browsers can came across with the multiple errors and problems associated with the web browser. User should not neglect such errors as such errors can cause the huge data loss in your system.

These errors might be the reason for the entrance of the viruses and malwares into your system

Some of the common problems with the chrome browser are listed below. These issue could be fixed in simple step by reset web browser and clean cookies and caches to fix such issues. 

  • Chrome crash issues.
  • Problem in loading and saving web pages.
  • Chrome not responding error.
  • Couldn’t clear caches and cookies in Google chrome.
  • SSL certification errors.
  • Java script errors and other scripting errors in chrome.
  • Extensions and plug in not working properly.
  • Problem with flash player and unable to play videos in the browser.
  • Print command not working from the browser.
  • Poor or the slow performance of the chrome.
  • Different errors like 403, 404, 415, 502, 503, 513, etc.
  • Phishing or malicious content warning in the chrome browser.

Safari web Browser

Safari is the web browser software application developed by the Apple. It is the default web browser for its devices like ipads, iphone and the Mac systems. All the products and the applications developed by the apples are occupies the special places in the user’s hearts due to its high end functionality, design and advance features.

Many windows users are also use the safari browser due to its amazing features offered to the users.

Features of the Safari web Browser:

  • User can email or archive we page in safari.
  • Users can synchronize their bookmarks, passwords, history with their icloud account.
  • It has the nitro JavaScript engine which loads java script pages faster than other web browsers.
  • Simple and bookmarking and navigations functions.
  • Auto cleanup unnecessary junks.
  • Cross platform capability.
  • Offers fast launching and loading on system.

In order to all the functions and the features of the safari it needs to install correctly. 

Here are the some common problems users can encountered while using safari web browser. These issue could be fixed in simple step by reset web browser and clean cookies and caches to fix such issues. 

  • Issues with installing or reinstalling safari.
  • Updating problems with safari.
  • Slow loading of web pages.
  • Errors in firewalls and the security functions.
  • Flash player not working properly.
  • Not able to clear cache, cookies and history in safari.
  • Safari browser crashes frequently.
  • Unable to connect internet in the safari browser.
  • Issues with the sign in and sign out.
  • Add-ons problem in safari.
  • Unable to block pop-ups and unwanted dialog box.
  • Waning for malicious contents in the safari.
  • Error 403 and 404.

Apple is already having the support services for all its products and the applications in the market. User can get the support services by visiting the official website of the apple.


Conclusion: safari vs chrome or chrome vs safari

We have differentiate the browser safari vs chrome or chrome vs safari on based on advantage which will help you to understand. now you will able to choose for your personal use on your computer.


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What is the comparison between avast antivirus software vs mcafee software antivirus ? Feature based comparison avast vs mcafee will help to understand antivirus.

avast vs mcafee

We often use internet from desktop, laptops, mobiles or tabs for the day to day operations of personal as well as official use. This article will help you to understand avast vs mcafee. As many of us are confused and not known of its actual features. so we have tried below to list the features.    

Avast antivirus software and its features:

Many viruses, Trojans and malicious contents might enter into your devices via internet. Not only from internet, it can enter through data sharing, connecting unknown device to system and many more ways.

It is very essential to protect your devices from the various cyber thieves available in the market. If you are looking for a best antivirus for your system, cell phone or tab then avast antivirus is the best choice user can use.

Features of avast antivirus:

  • Intelligent antivirus
  • Cyber capture function.
  • Protects the user’s network.
  • Smart scan and auto removable media scan.
  • Offers safe zone browser and browser cleanup tools to boost internet speed.
  • Password protection.
  • Provides secure DNS to users.
  • Data shredder and anti spam functions.
  • Firewall for more security benefits.
  • Sandbox.
  • Compatible with windows, Mac as well as android devices.
  • Secure email client.
  • Wi-Fi inspector.
  • User can install the free version of avast antivirus which provides the basic security.

Typically then overall installation process of avast antivirus software is very easy but sometimes users can get certain errors and unable to install avast software in the system.

Mcafee antivirus Software and its features:

In these days even if you are using highly secured network, user’s online activity can become the vulnerable to the various threats or viruses. The users which are using internet for the day to day life should be more careful about protecting their systems for the viruses, malware and phishing.

Users should protect their system from the cyber crimes by making the use of most powerful antivirus program. Powerful and the good antivirus software is the primary need of the every system.

Several antivirus software are available in the market out of them mcafee is the most used antivirus software by the users. Mcafee antivirus is one of the oldest antiviruses used from the appearance of the first viruses.

Features of the Mcafee antivirus:

  • Mcafee is the complete package of the antivirus, antispyware and antimalware.
  • Anti phishing functions.
  • Offers parental controls to users.
  • Auto URL shortened features.
  • Provides encrypted storage
  • PC tunes up functions which boost the speed of your systems.
  • Compatible with the desktop system, phones, tabs, etc.
  • Offers anti bot protection.
  • Provides network protection with the detailed surfing reports of the users.
  • It has two way firewall which provides safe searching and safe shopping to end users.
  • Immediate start-up with low scan time.
  • Secure file shredding.
  • Auto scan for USB or removable drives.
  • Comes with pocket friendly rates.


Conclusion: avast antivirus vs mcafee antivirus

This avast vs mcafee article will give the clear understanding of these two antivirus. User need to understand above given features and then decide which one do you need for your system (computer / laptop).   


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How to Run and Install Android on PC, Laptop and Mac


Well, undoubtedly we all live in an age of technology. Can we even imagine a day without these tech devices and gadgets? I do know it is next to impossible. To be frank, we are all dependent on these smart devices and ultimately the technology too. After all, these devices are just a machine and are created by the humankind only. Progressing from mobile phones, we have now landed into Virtual and Augmented Reality, and the future of our globe- Artificial Intelligence. Reports say, that our world will be run by this technology in the future. We will be having a device or a robotic mechanism for every task, of course, the daily routine too. That’s pretty cool! Isn’t it? But yeah, this can make us more lazy and non-cooperative and certainly an effortless individual too.

Running Android in pc is pretty easy. There are many steps and methods that one can follow and get android for pc installed within your devices. However, most of us already have a smartphone with android already enabled, but the question arises when it’s about downloading and installing android within the PC, laptop or Mac system. Oh yeah, this was a question for many of us.

Trust me, even I have asked many of the individuals to help me done with Android in pc installation. To help you with the same, here we have gathered some of the best and useful information that will guide you throughout the Android OS for laptop downloading and installation process. To start with, we can simply know the installation procedure for laptop and PC devices.

So, are we ready to learn?

How to install Android OS for a laptop?

Who does not have a laptop? Majority of the working individuals and students have their personal computers and laptops and I am pretty sure about this. We all use smartphones and no doubt even kids have their own smartphones in their pockets, unbelievable! When it comes to installing Android for PC, it really becomes hectic to many of us. Most of us actually don’t know how to proceed with the same, and many of us just try and leave it behind.

Hence, here we have got some of the major tips and tricks that will guide and assist you to install an Android OS for laptop or desktop.

1. BlueStacks

Most of you are already aware of BlueStacks and I know it! But have we ever used it? Yes, using this tool is actually very easy and simple. In fact, many of us are actually using the software for sure. If you are really looking for your favorite and desired apps to get it installed within your device, then you can simply go for BlueStacks and get it done in a simple way.

BlueStacks is an android emulator, and you can just get this emulator within your PC or your laptop. You just have to enter the BlueStacks official website, look for your PC requirements such as the Windows operating system or Mac Operating System. Once you have found it out you have to download this android emulator as per the system you have. It’s done, you have to install the emulator, sign up and start using it.

3. Android x86 Project

Android x86 Project is another popular software or the tool to make us remember as the Android OS for PC 32-bit download. Of course, using this tool is again easy and simple for sure. Yes, this project was created and developed by a group of unofficial developers. This tool is again compatible and suitable with PC hardware requirements as well. It also runs and works on the Intel-based machine or the device. Well, if it’s about AMD operating system, then it cannot be guaranteed. It runs and works for Windows and Mac operating systems for sure.

4. The Android Studio

Well, you can use this tool for app testing or debugging and not for actual usage of downloading and installing apps. It also contains Android’s Virtual Device to help you test the latest and recently updated version of Android. It is very much similar and as convenient as BlueStacks and hence, usage of this app won’t be difficult or tough for you. You have to check all the PC or the system requirements before you download the tool. You also need to verify for Android OS for PC 64-bit download or 32-bit download version.

5. Use SD Card or USB Drive

Make sure that your SD card has a memory of at least 2GB. Just format the drive or the card. Just pick the Android tool even the x86 project and choose the bit according to your system requirements. Just install and download Android and ensure that your internet is very stable and steady too. Once done, just boot your device. Don’t forget to check your system’s operating system as well. It can be run on windows version and probably you have to verify the notes for Mac and Linux operating system.

How to install and run Android for Mac?

When it comes to setting up android in your Mac device or PC, it can be actually difficult as there are no much apps or software that will able to install Android in Mac device. Still, you can actually try out BlueStacks or Android Virtual Box to ultimately help you with. It is very much easy and convenient for you as well. You can simply get it free of cost as well. Also, you just have to follow all the instructions that are being mentioned on the screen.


You can simply make use of these apps or the tools to get android installed and downloaded within your PC or the laptop. Yes, for most of you installing Android for Mac would be actually difficult and hard. But still, you can simply try BlueStacks, Android Virtual Box, Android Studio and a lot more. It would be very much easy and simple too. Just make sure that you are checking up all the system requirements before you install any of the Android software or the tool.


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