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Lasted Updates of OnePlus 7 mobile Specs

Gadgets lovers wait for the oneplus 7 cell phone as it is the first 5g phone in the market. One plus company declare that it is the first company to launched 5g mobile phone in the market.

Before buy or shop for any gadgets online customer should read and study about the product rate, specifications and review online and find the best deal online and the money.

OnePlus 7 Phone Specifications

oneplus 7 specs is pretty advanced in features than previously launched one plus 6T. It is having high-end functionality and major improvements in features like camera, processor, battery, display, design and storage.


Camera is one of the most import feature customer is looking before buying cell phone. One plus 7 phone supports triple lens back camera which consist of 48 pixels main lens connected by 16 megapixel secondary lens and 8 megapixels tertiary lens and it s having 16megapixel pop up front or selfie camera. The meaning of pop up front face camera is user is able to slide in or slide out the front camera from the main mobile body.

Generally camera takes the small are of mobile screen but because of this feature customer can have the bigger screen on one plus 7 device.

Apart from above basic things it is having LED Flash, digital zoom, autofocus, touch focus, face detection, HDR, panorama mode and geo tagging features.

With this entire camera specification customer can look forward to the variant and most beautiful pictures from one plus 7 camera.

Display and Design

One plus 7 is having 6.5’’ or 16.51cm full HD display and 1080 x 2340 screen resolution. It comes with optic AMOLED display screen with rounded edges and eye-catching design like Samsung galaxy phone range.

One plus 7 has the scratch resistant glass protected by corning gorilla glass 5. So user can enjoy watching videos and playing games on such big screen of one plus 7.

People love to use slim and light weight mobile phones as it is easy to carry and handle these kinds of devices. The weight of one plus 7 is 185 grams and the thickness is 8.8 mm. Width and height of one plus 7 is 71.6 mm and 161.3 mm respectively. The devices one plus 7 comes with splash proof feature.

Storage, Operating System and Processor

Customer can experienced lasted android 9.0 Pie operating system with oxygen OS and octal core Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 with Adreno 640 graphics. One plus 7 cell phone supports 8Gb RAM and customer have the choices to select 128 GB or 256GB internal storage for mobile. The device doesn’t support external storage. The device supports two GSM nano sim cards simultaneously. Along with that is supports high speed Wi-Fi 802.11 with speed 5GHz, mobile hotspot, Wi-Fi direct and Bluetooth connectivity.


Mobile users always faced the low battery problem and lot of time required to recharge it. This problem can get solved by oneplus 7 buy online because it provides long lasting big battery. The one plus 7 phone will

support the 4000 mAh battery which can charge fasters. User can refill the 50% of battery in just 20 minutes.

Sensors and other special Features

One plus 7 is having on screen finger print sensor while other cell phones mostly having back position fingerprint sensor on mobile. It will also have the multi touch screen, light sensor, proximity sensor, gravity sensor, orientation sensor, accelerometer, compass, barometer, magnetometer and gyroscope.

There is still question mark about the waterproof feature of one plus 7 but it is highly resistance to water. But it is splash proof as previous models are having the splash proof feature.

With all the above high end features one plus will have a new look which adds the charms to users personality and provides stylish look to the customers.

Service Centers

Mobile users are often worried about the proper services of mobile after some problem occurs. People are not able to find the nearby service station of mobile company most of the times and need to wait for long time for good service.

In case any problem or damage for the oneplus 7 mobile customer can visit the authorized service centers. There are multiple one plus service centers available in India also. Customer can repair their one plus mobile form these service stations or also purchase the accessories like USB cables, headphones for the one plus mobile.

Rates of OnePlus 7

One plus 7 is famous for offering high end smart phone functionality at affordable prices so that customer from every class can enjoy the features of the smart phone. However, it is the first 5g phone. so, one plus 7 is expected to more costly than the existing one plus smart phones.

One plus 6T is launched last year by the one plus company was begin from the cost $549 that is equal to 38154.13 Rs in the Indian currency. So oneplus 7 rate can be slightly more or equal to that. One plus did not declare the cost of upcoming mobile one plus 7 up till now.

Is oneplus 7 5g ?

People are excited about the 5g features and on screen finger print sensor of oneplus 7 mobile phone. As one plus 7 supports 5g features, user can experienced the fastest internet on one plus 7 mobile. In today’s era everyone wants the fastest internet so one plus 7 device can be gain peoples attractions due to its 5g feature.


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What should you know before buying Samsung a50 device and latest unboxing of Samsung a50  in May, 2020.

samsung a50

With the increased use of smartphones, it can be considered as the basic need of the human being. The manufactures of smartphones are continuously launching new smartphones in the market with the latest technology and high-end features. 

Samsung is an old and reliable brand of mobiles, smartphones, tablets, laptops. Samsung is well known for its Galaxy S series and notepad phones. In the last year, Samsung launches its mid-budget A series phone Samsung a50. This article contains the detailed specification and review of the Samsung a50 Smartphone. The users who are willing to purchase Samsung a50 should stay tuned with this article. 

Specifications of the Samsung a50  

Price and availability: 

Users can purchase Samsung a50 from the various e-commerce website available in the market. Users can also buy a mobile phone by visiting your nearby mobile store. The Samsung a50 price is pocket friendly to mid-range users. Samsung offers high-end functionality in the competitive cost. 

The device with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory costs around 19,990 INR whereas the Samsung a50 6gb RAM and 128GB internal memory costs around 22,990 INR in the market. 

Samsung a50 supports 512GB external storage with the micro SD card. The device is available in white, black and blue color. Users can purchase the Samsung a50 device according to their requirements and budget. 

Design, display and dimensions: 

The Samsung a50 is having an attractive look with the easy to carry slim design. Samsung a50 Smartphone is having 6.4 inch Super AMOLED full HD+ display with the screen ratio of (1080 x 2340 px) and aspect ratio 19.5:9. The device is having very slim size and U shaped rounded corners. 

The weight of the device is 166 grams or 5.86 ounces. The screen of the Samsung a50 is protected with the gorilla glass and embedded with built in fingerprint sensor. The Back frame of the device is having glossy glass finishing made up with the poly carbonate or plastic. 

With the wide viewing angles and full HD+ screen it offers best experience while watching multimedia or the Netflix HD video on Samsung a50 device. User can also set several HD+ Samsung a50 wallpaper available on the device. 

Hardware and performance:  

The phone is having the latest android 9 pie one UI operating system. The 2.3 GHz octa-core processor of the Samsung a50 is powered by Exynos 9610 chipset.The 4000 mAh lion battery of Samsung a50 is a 15-watt quick charge feature. 

Users can have the best gaming experience on the device with 4GB or 6GB RAM, and can capture every moment on the device with the triple rear camera of 25MP low light lens, 8 MP ultra-wide lens and5MP live focus lens, and front camera of the device is 25 MP. 

You can easily record the video with a radical 123 degree ultra-wide lens. Users can have several other features like Accelerometer, Fingerprint Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, Hall Sensor, Light Sensor, and Proximity Sensor on the device. 

Network and connectivity: 

The Samsung a50 is having a dual sim card slot (nano sim card) that runs on all networks. The device supports 2G, 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE connectivity. Apart from this Samsung a50 is having Bluetooth v5.0, mobile hotspot, wireless 802.11, and Wi-Fi direct benefits. 

Unboxing Samsung a50 

The packing of the Samsung device is made up of biodegradable material. After ordering or purchasing the Samsung a50 device, the user can get below things inside the box. All the box contents the user receives in Samsung a50 Unboxing are made up of high quality. 

  • Samsung galaxy a50 mobile unit with non removable battery. 
  • Power adapter. 
  • USB cable (USB type C cable which can be used for charging) 
  • Ear phones. 
  • Soft case mobile cover. 
  • Sim card ejection pin. 
  • User manual and the warranty card. 

The users should check all the content in the box and make sure that all are working. If a user gets any faulty piece then the user can replace it by contacting the service center or website with the help of the warranty card. 

What is the Pros and Cons of Samsung a50 ?

There are good as well as bad reviews of the Samsung a50. Here are some pros and cons of purchasing the Samsung 50. 


  • Attractive, slim and lightweight design 
  • Excellent camera 
  • wide viewing angle 
  • on-screen fingerprint sensor 
  • Competitive price 
  • Better battery life 


  • Poor low light camera performance. 
  • Ordinary speaker 
  • Average performance 

What is the comparison between Samsung a50 and Samsung m50

Comparing Samsung m50 vs a50 is a tough task because both of the devices are having similar features. The Samsung a50 screen is slightly bigger than the m50.

Samsung a50 is powered by Exynos 9610 whereas Samsung m50 is having Qualcomm Snapdragon 712. Samsung a50 is having a 25MP rear camera and 25MP front camera whereas Samsung m50 is having 16MP front and rear camera. 

 Samsung a50 supports full HD video recording but the user unable to record full HD (1080px) video from the Samsung m50 device. The battery capacity of Samsung a50 is 4000 mAh whereas Samsung m50 is having a battery capacity of 3700 mAh.

Users can purchase Samsung a50 with 4 GB or 6 GB RAM size whereas Samsung m50 is available only with 6 GB RAM. The internal storage of Samsung a50 is 64GB/128GB and of Samsung, m50 is 128 GB. 

Samsung a50 is having all the advanced features than Samsung m50 but when it comes to storage benefits Samsung m50 is superior to Samsung a50. 

here you have learnt about Samsung a50 vs Samsung m50 , so you know better way to choose as per your use or need. 

What is the comparison between Poco f1 vs. Samsung a50 

Xiaomi Poco f1 and Samsung a50 both are having a similar price and features with the little differences. The key difference between Poco f1 vs Samsung a50 is given below.

The screen size of poco f1 is 6.18 inch whereas the Samsung a50 is having 6.4inch screen. Poco f1 is having android 8 (Oreo) and Samsung a50 is having android 9.0 pie operating system. Samsung a50 is having onscreen fingerprint sensor but the Poco f1 is having on the body (backside) fingerprint sensor. both are having 4 GB and 6 GB RAM respectively.

Samsung a50 supports up to 512 GB external storage and Poco f1 supports 256 GB external storage. Samsung a50 is having a rear camera of 25 MP + 5 MP + 8 MP whereas Poco f1 is having 12MP+ 5MP primary camera. The front camera of the Samsung a50 and Poco f1 are 25MP and 20MP respectively.

As Samsung a50 launches after Poco f1, it is having some advanced functionality. When it comes to prices the Samsung a50, is having a greater price than Poco f1. 


We hope, this review of Samsung a50 and comparison between Samsung a50 vs Samsung m50 , Poco f1 vs. Samsung a50 will helps the users who are willing to purchase Samsung a50 device, nevertheless if you want to share your view with us, please comment bellow in the comment section.


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Mobile Tools

A guide to Flash Samsung B310e Without Miracle Box and Download Samsung B310e Flash File

Samsung b310e flash file

Samsung is the one of the biggest brand in the mobile industry. The high end smart phones of Samsung are most popular in the young generation. With the productions of the high technology Smartphone and tablets, the low budget keypad mobiles of the Samsung are used by the customers. The users who are having problems with their Samsung phone and need to repair it typically required the Samsung b310e flash file for repairing.

What is Samsung b310e flash file?

A Samsung b310e firmware is a ROM or document which user needs to flash their Samsung b310e device. Flashing your Samsung B3102e device can solve different mobile problems given below.

  1. Mobile restart automatically after specific time period.
  2. Recovering mobile password.
  3. To open the phone lock or the sim cards lock of the device.
  4. Mobile hang problem to slow operating speed and Samsung logo displays on the screen.
  5. If any specific application doesn’t work on the phone then flashing device can fix the problem.
  6. Network related issues. Unable to connect to mobile network.
  7. Bluetooth of the device not work.

All the above problems can be solved by flashing the Samsung phone with the help of the b310e flash file. User must take the overall backup of Samsung b310e before flashing their mobile because sometimes flashing can leads to data loss so it is good idea to take the backup of mobile.

This article contains detailed steps about Samsung b310e flash file and tool free download. Before following the how-to guide provided in this article, the user needs to have a few things given below.

  • Fully charged mobile phone:
    User need to have fully charged (more than 80%) mobile phone. If the mobile battery is drained during the flashing procedure then it is very difficult to recover.
  • USB cable:
    User needs a micro USB cable which is supported by the mobile. User can use the USB cable which comes along with the charger.
  • A computer system (desktop/laptop):
    To implement the flashing procedure user needs the working computer system or the laptop.
  • Installed USB drivers in the system:
    USB drivers are required for detecting your Samsung B310e phone in the system.


Once the user is ready with the entire above thing, He can follow the steps about how to flash Samsung b310e without box. User needs to have an active internet connection for downloading USB drivers and Samsung flash tool. If a user is already having the setup files in the system then an internet connection is not necessary. During the flashing procedure, the user needs to connect their phone to the system with the help of USB cable and make sure that it does not disconnect while the flashing procedure is running.

This flashing procedure only runs on the Windows operating system, so the user should not try it on Linux or Mac operating system. Users should carefully follow all the steps provided in this article. A single error can damage your device so if the user is not confident they can seek the help of a technically expert person.

Here are the steps to flash Samsung b310e without box

  1. Download the USB drivers required for your system. Install them in the computer system by following on-screen instructions. Samsung b310e USB driver is necessary for detecting the Samsung mobile in the computer system.
  2. Download and install the Samsung flash tool in your computer system.
  3. Open the ResearchDownload_2.9.8004 folder and executable file of named ‘Research Download’ from it.
  4. Follow on-screen instructions. After opening the Samsung flash tool, click on the gearbox and load the Samsung b310e flash file with the extension .Pac.
  5. User can see the play button on the screen click on it to start the process of flashing.
  6. Turn off the phone.
  7. Remove the phone battery.
  8. Reinsert the phone battery again.
  9. Keep pressing the center button (boot key) of the mobile phone and connect the USB cable at the same time. Don’t disconnect your mobile from the system during the flashing procedure. It can damage your device.
  10. After successfully detecting your phone by the USB drivers, the flashing procedure will initiate automatically.
  11. Once the flashing procedure completes.
  12. Turn off the phone.
  13. Remove the mobile battery and insert it again.

After the successful completion of the above process, the user’s mobile will boot normally. This is a tested method to recover your Samsung mobile password so the user can run all provided steps sequentially to recover their mobile.


The Flashing procedure provided in this article does not require any additional box like a miracle box for the flashing. User can flash their mobile without the use of the box.

By referring to this article of Samsung b310e flash file download, the user can easily flash their Samsung b310 mobile phone.


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Mobile Tools

What is Miracle Box Latest Setup v3.06 Free Download {April 2020 Updates}


Miracle Box and features? 

Miracle Box is mobile hardware & software tools which is based on fuzzy logic technology. It’s used to repair and fix for FRP, unlock, pattern break, mobile format, read nv, read flash, write flash password, finger lock, pin lock, bootloader, EFS, read info, write dump, factory reset, remove all security. You may also write partitions, read security of mobile. It supports millions of mobile around the world to repair the different problems of any Chinese or brand mobile. It has built in IMEI repair option, support Qualcomm chipset phone and many more options, which automatically detect the problem of any mobile and help you to fix. 

 Miracle Thunder Edition is the new version of Miracle Box which has many features than last version, it added more than 5000 mobile FRP and flash. it has recently released the new version v3.06 on 16th April 2020. This version has the complete solution of Miracle Box and Key. 


How Miracle Box works  

Actually, when you connect your device and after certain command input, it searches the file of gesture.key, pattern.key, pin.key etc in your mobile and based on pre-saved file, its show the pin or any output that you wish to see. 


Miracle Box Vs Miracle Thunder Edition  

Box and Thunder both are the product of Miracle. Miracle Box is the old version of Thunder Edition. They are adding few features twice every month and it is easy to use, carry, keep and hide. 


What is the new feature and updates of Miracle Box Thunder V3.06 ?

  1. Qualcomm improved the writing and formating. 
  2. Qualcomm improved read info. 
  3. Qualcomm improved few loader function. 
  4. Qualcomm added loader for latest set. 
  5. MTK added boot for latest sets. 
  6. MTK fixed the read files. 

In this version, Miracle Box added below new mobile handsets, please check this all. 

  • HISENSE-F15, F16, F17, F23 Plus, 27, T965 
  • Homtom-S17 
  • HOMTOM-Z8 
  • iBRIT-AF51 
  • Infinix Hot- 7 X624b 
  • Infinix Hot 7 -X625b 
  • INFINIX X604, X650 
  • ALIGATOR-S5070 
  • Aquaris-X2 
  • Gomobile Go Onyx 
  • Helio-S5 
  • INOI-2 Lite , 2 
  • IPro Kylin-5.0S 
  • Lava Iris-90, R3, Z81, A6 Note 
  • Mandalina M200, MMX-Q4002, 
  • MICROMAX-N8216 


System requirement for miracle box thunder edition 

Miracle box can run on below configuration very well. Before installing please take a look on it requirement 


Its support following oprating system (OS) 

  • Windows xp , Vista, Win 7 32 bit/64 bit, Win 8 32 bit / 64 bit 


Minimum HD 500 


RAM should be minimum 500 MB or more that you prefer. 


Pentium 4 or later version 


Download Miracle Box Thunder Edition 

Miracle Box has their official website. You may download from below link. 

Download Miracle Box thunder edition v3.06 


Final word :-

Dear reader, now you have understood that use of Miracle box. We have tried to cover all valuable information for you. However, you might have any query then you should visit Miracle box and contact their support team


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