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A complete guide to install and configure printer or setup printer on system step by step

setup printer

In this digital era, people are mostly used the digital documents or paperless communication for dealing still there is need of hard copies. In every kind of business or institute there is need to printer which prints the digital media on the paper.

The lasted printers are doing multiple jobs rather than only printing the media. Apart from printing they can execute various operations like scanning faxing or copying the documents.

Due to its advance features printer is one of the necessary peripheral device in the organization or the institution. Now a day’s evens students have the printer at home printing their notes or important documents.

Different printer companies are available in the market which provides excellent printing services to users. But This article provides the detailed information about how to configure and install the printer or setup printer.

Step by step guide to install and configure printer or setup printer to system?

Setup printer: To run the printer with PC every user need to install the compatible printer drivers in the system. Printer drivers are the software which converts the document data into the format which printer can understand.

Several hp printer processors or hp printer drivers are available on the official website user need to select the correct drivers depending upon the type or model of the hp printer.

It is very important to connect the printer device to system before configuring and installing printer drivers. User can connect the printer to your windows 10 system by using any of the one option given below:

  • USB cable connection:

Internet connect is prior to connect the printer to system via USB connection. User can execute steps provided below one by one.

  1. Switch on the printer device.
  2. Connect the USB cable at the available USB port of printer on back side of it.
  3. Connect the other end to USB port of the computer system.
  4. After connect the USB cable, user can see the message ‘Found new hardware’ on the screen.
  5. Follow all the instructions displays on the screen and try to print the document. If you can print the document successfully then the drivers are already present on the system. Otherwise user need to install the compatible hp printer drivers in the system to run the printer.

Wireless connection:

To have the wireless connection with the printer, user should know the certain details about the network like network name (SSID), security password of Wi-Fi network. User should have the printer which has wireless feature.

After collecting the above details follow the steps given below.

  1. Switch on the printer, router and computer which need to be connected.
  2. Ensure that the computer and printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Remove all the USB or Ethernet cables connected to the printer.
  4. Open the printer control panel and go to the setup, network or wireless menu.
  5. Open the wireless setup wizard and follow all the instructions on window to connect the windows 10 PC to your printer.

how to add a printer on wps ?

If user’s printer supports WPS push button connection feature then user can use that option for more security. To do this follow following steps:

  1. Press the wireless button from the control panel menu of your printer.
  2. Hold the wireless button till the wireless light start blinking.
  3. Press the WPS key on your router within 2 minutes.
  4. It will take maximum two minutes for router and printer to establish a secured network connection.


This article has explained that how to install and configure printer in easy steps. However if you have still problem in installation of printer in your any system, please ask below the setup related query in comment section.


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What is the common causes and fixes of canon printer B200 error? Reliable solutions to fix the printer error b200 on canon mx870

canon printer

Printer is one of the most important peripheral devices used in every business, educational institutes and household too. Many printers are available in the market like HP, canon, dell and many more. Due to high quality of printing and scanning of cannon printer in low cost they are widely used for the domestic as well as commercial purposes. Every canon MX870 printer user might comes across the error code B200 at least one time. After the b200 error occurs with the printer unit the orange and green light of the printer blinks 10 times.

The other errors of the printer like page jam, empty ink cartridges, no ink can be tracked but this error can occur any time and can disturb the printer operation. It is very important to get the quick solutions to the printer problem as it can cause the major business loss. This article provides the detailed information about the common causes and the fixes to resolve the error B200 on canon MX200 printer and canon mx870 setup .

What is the common causes and fixes of canon printer B200 error?

  • The b200 error on canon printer is normally related with the printer head. Faulty printer head can be the reason behind the error code B200 on the canon printer. Printer head is the component of the printer which distributes the printer ink on the print paper.
  • If your printer head is overheated then it shows the B200 error code on the control panel. Normal cleaning of printer head might helps to resolve this error. Sometimes users need to replace the printer head with the new one if the printer head dies or get damaged.
  • Proper installation of the cannon MX870 wireless printer driver is also important as this error can also exist due to improper installation of the printer drivers. It is recommended that users should download and install the appropriate printer drivers. For the better performance of the printer users should also update the printer drivers regularly.
  • Insufficient ink in the cartridges is another reason of the b200 error in canon printer. This error can also cause due to paper jam error. Many canon MX870 printer users install the foreign cartridges or the different formulas of the ink which the printer doesn’t support to save the expenses. This may leads to the error B200 on the printer.
  • User should always make use of the ink or toners which supports or the recommended by the printer company. This provides the best quality results from the printer unit and minimizes the chances to the error like B200 on the printer.
  • If the printer is constantly used for the longer time then due to overuse and overheating, user can experience the error b200 on their canon MX870 printer. In such situations users can power off the printer, wait for some time (at least for 10 minutes) and again start the printing operation.
  • Users can turn off the printer and call the nearby technical support expert for to resolve the problem. Users can also get the technical support help from the official website of the canon printer. Canon Company is well known for the immediate and well technical support services.
  • However users can also tries to resolve the printer canon b200 error on MX870 by their own. As there are different canon printers available in the market some of them are having 2 cartridges and some are having 4 or more than 4 cartridges. A method to resolve this error is varies from printer to printer.

Here are the some fixes to solve the error B200 on the MX870 printer. These methods come from the problems faced by the highly experienced technical experts while fixing the error B200 on canon MX870. These standard methods are followed by the technical support expert to get rid of canon b200 error.

Fixes for the printer with the 2 printer cartridges:

Here are the steps by executing which user can resolve the error B200 from the printer with the 2 cartridges.

  1. Power off the printer.
  2. Wait for few minutes and turn it on again.
  3. Remove the faulty or the problematic printer cartridge. It is hard to identify to know the faulty printer cartridges as B200 error code doesn’t provide any details about the status of the printer cartridges.
  4. Remove the older printer cartridges with the new one.
  5. Check the printer for the error.
  6. If the error still persist then replace another printer cartridges must be faulty, replace that with the new one.
  7. Test the printer for the error by giving the test print.

Fixes for the printer with the 4+ printer cartridges:

Users which are having the 4+ printer cartridges can follow the given methods to solve the B200 error with the printer.

Method 1:

This is one of the simplest methods to eliminate the error B200 from the canon MX870 printer. 90% users get relief from B200 error by executing the provided steps.

  1. First Turn off the printer.
  2. Open the printer head bay from the canon printer MX870 in the same way you open while changing the inks of the printer.
  3. Power on the printer.
  4. Start the printer and wait for the printer carriage to move left on its half way.
  5. Close the printer cover before printer carriage moves to right direction completely.
  6. Start the printer again.
  7. Give the test print.

Method 2:

  1. Turn off the canon printer device.
  2. Remove all the connected cables from the printer and the desktop or the laptop machine.
  3. Remove all the printer cartridges by opening the canon printer cover.
  4. Wait the printer to cool down.
  5. Carefully takeout the printer head from your canon printer unit.
  6. Clean the printer head properly with all the ink cartridges.
  7. Users can make use of good quality eraser or the contact cleaner to clean the contact pad present on the printer.
  8. Install the printer head of canon printer again.
  9. Install the ink cartridges too.
  10. Connect all the power cables.
  11. Turn on the printer.
  12. Turn the auto alignment in the setting.
  13. Give the test print to check the printer.

Method 3:

Step 2 includes the normal cleaning of the printer head and the ink cartridges if still the canon b200 error of the canon printer MX870 is not get resolved then the printer head might required the deep cleaning.

  1. Open the printer cover and remove all the ink cartridges.
  2. Male use of alcohol (if available isopropylen alcohol) to clean the back side of the printer head which consisting electronic pins.
  3. After the proper cleaning of the back side of printer head turn of the printer.
  4. To turn of the printer user should plug of the power cord instead of using the power button. Don’t close the printer.
  5. Clean the electric pins on the place where you install the printer head.
  6. Confirm the total cleaning of printer head and electronic pins cleaning before installing it.
  7. Install the printer head.
  8. Install the ink cartridges of the printer.
  9. Put the power cord in the main switch an turn on the canon printer MX870 normally.
  10. Check for the error by providing the test print.

Method 4:

  1. Power off the printer.
  2. Remove all the power cables which are connected to the printer.
  3. Open the printer by removing the printer cover.
  4. Remove all the printer cartridges.
  5. Take out the sled which is used to keep the printer cartridges.
  6. Clean the printer cartridges with the water and the clean cotton. Users can also make use of the isopropanol alcohol for the best result. Isopropanol can be easily found in the pharmacy and provides the better cleaning results than water.
  7. Make sure that printer head is not blocked and golden contacts of printer head are not wet.
  8. Properly dry the every component of the cartridges you remove.
  9. Install the printer cartridges and printer carriages or sled carefully.
  10. Power on the printer by connecting all the cables back again.
  11. Give the test print and check for the error.

Method 5:

  1. Power off the canon printer MX870.
  2. Remove all the power cables from the printer.
  3. Open the printer cover.
  4. Push the printer head of the printer to the centre.
  5. Keep the printer cover open. Plug in the power cable.
  6. Start the printer unit.
  7. Close the printer cover after the printer head moves to the left corner.
  8. Wait for booting u the printer head.
  9. Test the printer for error by giving the test print.

Above methods are eliminate the hardware related problems with your canon MX870 printer. Follow the given the steps to run the maintenance of the printers problem. This will remove all the problems in the printer problems if exits. User need to have an active internet connection while executing the steps provided below.

  1. Go to start.
  2. Click on the devices and printers.
  3. Right click on the canon MX870 or your printer name.
  4. Select the properties from the context menu, go to the maintenance tab and then go with the deep cleaning.
  5. Then go on the nozzle check button from the maintenance tab after the deep cleaning is over.


If canon printer MX870 user is still experiencing the same error after trying all the above five methods the there can be problem in the printer drivers or the canon drivers utility software. It is recommended by the canon to update the printer driver regularly. Please comment below your canon related problems.


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A detailed guide on printer driver which will help you in installing and updating dell inkjet and laser printer drivers.

Printer driver

In this digital world it is very hard to survive without using the Smartphone and computer and laptops. We daily use computer and its equipments for business as well as personal use.

Dell is one of the most trusted and recommended companies of computers and its accessories. Dell desktops, laptops, workstations, servers, printers, router, switches are well known for its reliability pocket friendly prices.

Dell printer provide high quality printing in comparative less cost. Dell printers are widely used in educational and business purposes. This article provides simple and easy ways to understand printer drivers and will guide to install the dell printer in your operating system.

What is printer drivers?

A printer driver is converter software which typically converts user’s data into printer readable format. For the compatibility of dell printers with your system user need to install dell printer drivers in their system. 

While purchasing dell printer usually Company provides the driver CD with the printer. User can insert the driver CD and install the printer drivers in the system. The users who do not get any kind of CD with dell printer can install the drivers from the official dell website.

How is Dell inkjet printers and how to install Dell inkjet printer Drivers in windows?

Dell inkjet printers are best for printing images and photos. They are having comparatively less cost. They are best suits for home and small business. User who prints less images and graphics in their printing data can use the inkjet printers.

As dell inkjet printers are having comparatively less printing speed user can switch to dell laser printer for better performance.

Before installing drivers user should remove if they have previous installation of printer drivers in the system. User need to follow given steps to download and install the dell inkjet printer drivers in the system. 

  • Visit the official website of dell support.
  • Select drivers and download.
  • Enter your dell service tag in the provided text box.
  • If service tax is not available then user can go to browse all products > electronics and accessories > printer and accessories
  • Select your all in one inkjet printer with its model number. User can find their model number on the front side of the printer.
  • After selecting your model number fill details about your operating system.
  • Select category from the application or OS deployment or imaging services and solutions.
  • User can see the printer drivers which are compatible for your operating system.
  • Download the printer driver file. User should note the file name before downloading it. It will help user to find the driver file in the download directory.
  • Find the downloaded drivers in the system and right click on file and select run as administrator.
  • Install dell inkjet printer drivers by following on screen instructions.
  • Test the printer.

How is Dell inkjet printers and how to install Dell laser printer drivers in Windows?

The nozzles of the Dell inkjet printers can be get damaged if not being used regularly. Those users who required printers occasionally should use dell laser printers. Laser printers are reliable and are stable in nature.

Even if dell laser printers are having high initial investment Dell laser printers are ideal for educational purposes and business purposes where they have a mass printing requirements with high speed.

  • Open the web browser.
  • Go to the official website of dell.
  • Click on the support tab.
  • Scroll down and go to drivers & download.
  • It will ask for dell service tag, Dell EMC product id or Model name. If customer is not having their service tag number then click on the browse all products. Select electronics and accessories and under that click on printers and accessories.
  • Select your printer model from the available options. Customer can get the model name on the front side of their printer.
  • Customer can select their operating system and the OS type 32 bit or 64 bit.
  • Select the category from application, driver from OS deployment or imagining solutions and services.
  • After this user will get the appropriate dell printer drivers for their device.
  • Download the drivers.
  • Find the particular printer driver file of extension .exe in download directory and run it by double clicking on it.
  • Install the drivers by following on screen instructions.

Just installing drivers are not enough. Dell recommends updating the printer drivers to prevent issues and problems with printer operations.

How to update Dell printer drivers from device manager?

User can use the steps provided below to update the dell printer drivers.

  • Press windows key + R on your system keyboard.
  • Open the device manager by typing devmgmt.msc in the text box.
  • User can see the list of different devices connected to the system. Under the printer section user can get the dell printer which is connected to the system.
  • Right click on the printer name and model number and select update driver software from the available menu.
  • After then click on the ‘search automatically for updated driver software’.

User can download the latest dell printer drivers from its official support website. Various third party applications and software are available online which continuously check for device drivers update and updates it.

How to install wired dell printer?

It is very easy to install the wired printer with your system. Following steps can help user to install wired dell printer into their system.

  • Plug in the power cable of wired printer.
  • Connect USB cable between printer and USB port of your system and turn on the printer as well as system.
  • Go to start button then open the control panel from system.
  • In the control panel go to hardware and sound option.
  • Click on printer.
  • Navigate to add printer and then add local printer.
  • Select use existing port then click on next button.
  • Select dell from the manufacture list and select your printer model from the printer list.
  • After selecting manufacture and printer model click next to proceed.
  • This process may take time. Test the printer at the end.

How to install wireless dell printer? OR how to connect dell printer to wireless network ?

Wireless dell printer can be installed in the same way like we install wired dell printer. While installing wireless printer in system just makes sure that the printer

device is nearby from desktop or laptop. Steps to install wireless dell printer are given below.

  • Go to start > control panel.
  • Go to hardware and sound category from control panel.
  • Click on the printer.
  • Add printer > add network Bluetooth and wireless printer.
  • It will display the list of printer in your network.
  • Select your wireless dell printer from the list.
  • Click on next button.
  • Type the name for your printer to identify. User can also make use of default name it displays.
  • Click next and finish process.
  • Test the printer by giving test print.

Conclusion: A detailed guide on printer driver 

We have learned on printer driver where we covered different query. if you have still any question related to printer or printer driver. please comment below, we will try to give proper answer in next article.

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Troubleshooting of top 10 HP printer issues like hp printer not printing. Fix error of installation problem of HP printer drivers ?, Out of paper error ? , Paper jam in printer ?

Fix Hp printer issue

Printers are one of the most used peripheral devices for the daily operations in every business. Now a day’s student also need printer for printing their notes or documents.

HP printer is most recommended printer for the individual and business use. Number issues with HP printer increases with the increase in number of users and seeking for the help for the hp printer not printing.

The first step is to restart the printer for any kind of issue. This can solve most of the printer problem.

This article represents top 10 problems with the HP printer and their solutions to fix hp printer not printing

How to fix the installation problem of HP printer drivers?

A piece of code which converts the user documents into the printer readable format is known as printer drivers. Printer drivers are necessary to run the printer with your system.

To download and install hp printer drivers from its official site, user can follow the below steps:

  1. Visit the official HP support site.
  2. Go to the support > software and drivers.
  3. Click on the find my product button by entering the model number of your printer.
  4. User can select their operating system by clicking on the change. After then user need to select the system type 32 bit or 64 bits.
  5. User can see the hp printer drivers after selecting the system type. User can download and double click on the setup file (.exe) to run it.
  6. Follow the on screen instructions to install HP printer drivers.

For the fine performance of the printer user should update the printer drivers regularly.

How to fix Out of paper error ?

Many users are experiencing out of paper error when there are printing papers present in the paper tray. Here are hp printer offline fix to resolve the out of paper error from your printer.

  1. User should check the condition of paper and reload the papers if they are curled. Many times use of low quality papers absorbs moisture so the printer won’t pick up the printing papers and provides out of paper error to user.

  2. Cleaning the printer roller can also help to remove the no paper error.

User can clean the printer roller using following way.

Turn off the printer and remove the power cable from the plug.

After the printer cartridges park properly open the access door and take the rollers.

Some printers which do not have the duplexer can pick roller by opening the paper tray and search for big rubber pick rollers. Use lint free cotton with bottled water and remove the built up dust or dirt from rollers by moving it onwards.

Close the access door or duplexer and connect the power cable to on the printer. Test the printer.

How to fix Paper jam in printer?

To clear the paper jam in hp printer user need to check whether the printer rollers are move smoothly. If not the user should look the plastic gears situated at the left hand side. They might have the paper shard which can cause paper jam. User should also check the roller gears for paper shard. If after following all the above ways, the rollers of your printer rotate smoothly then test the printer for the paper jam.

It is seen that the user who fills the paper tray to its full capacity experience the paper jam frequently. So user should never overfill the paper tray and use standard high quality printing paper of appropriate size to avoid the paper jam.

How to fix unable to print from android or iphone?

Almost all advance HP printers are having built in features which helps user to print with mobile device. To give a print from the iphone, ipad or ipod user need to have wifi and Air Print supported printer. If user is having non AirPrint printer connected with the mac system then he/she can make use of applications like handyprint or printer pro to print from the ios devices. These applications enable user o print from ios devices by converting non AirPrint printer into AirPrint.

Some android phones like Samsung are having their own applications using which user can print with android. User can also make use of Google cloud print to print from android device.

User can also print by using Google chrome web browser by opening

Menu > setting > advance setting > manage.

Here user can add the printer attach to the system. User can print from android device if system and printer are in ON condition.

How to fix print head clogging issue?

This issue typically faced by people who do not use their printer regularly. These might give the change cartridge signal to the user proper maintenance of the printer can prevent the print head clogging issue.

User can clean the dust or the particles using the most popular paper towel. The users with individual color cartridges printer are unable to use paper towel method for cleaning so they can find the proper cleaning process in the printer user guild to solve the printer clogging issue.

How to fix problem with new cartridge?

Generally new cartridges are having seals to prevent ink from getting dried. User should remove it and test the printer.

Hp printers are having vent which provides smooth in ink flow. User should also check whether the vent is blocked after installing the new printer cartridge.

How to fix HP MFP not working? 

In many case the multifunction printer (MFP) stops scanning documents dues to corrupted software or drivers. User can reinstall the software package and test the printer.

If the MFP still not working then user can check user can manual for the solutions. In rare cases user need to replace the whole scanning unit for the MFP problem.

How to fix slow printing operations?

This is common problem usually occurs while printing documents with large number of images and heavy graphics. User can set the print setting to draft mode and avoid two sided printing to increase the printing speed. User can do this by selecting print and then properties and search for reduce quality of printing. HP printer user can set their printers setting from normal to fast draft.

How to fix printer stop printing?

Most of the hp printer not printing in the middle of printing task. This is because of long running time of printer or the printing large documents which is having heavy graphics.

User can turn off printer for 15 minutes and again start printing. If the printer is not working after turning it off for 15 minutes then user can reduce the printing quality of output.

Sometimes hp printer not connecting to computer can be the reason behind it so user should check all the cables connectivity to resolve error.

How to fix high cost of printer ink?

Normally printers have the options for lower quality cartridges and higher quality cartridges. User should choose the higher quality cartridges because even they look costly but provides better yields i.e. it provides reduces per page printing cost.

To minimize the printing cost user can use the two sided printing and change the printer setting to draft mode. This can save the pages and printer ink.

Conclusion: Top 10 problems of HP printer and their solutions to fix hp printer not printing

We have covered all the question related to HP printer. if you have any issue please write us will write in next article very soon or get in touch with hp centre. 

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