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8 Steps guide will help you to Set Up New Android Phone

setup phone

Purchasing a new android phone is always exciting. Before doing anything the android phone user needs to set up android phone. This article specifically deals with how to set up new android phone and the steps are given in this article to help users who are the doing first time setup phone.

Set up an android phone:-

Users should note that every android is different; the manufacturer might add some custom steps in between. The basic steps are while setup phone is listed here.

1. Unboxed the Smartphone:

After purchasing a new android mobile phone, the user should remove the packing material or cover of the device. Typically an android device comes with the mobile device, USB cable, travel adapter, earphones, sim lock key, user manual, and warranty card. Users should check them are making sure that they are in good condition.

2. Select your phone language:

Users can turn on the android device. Make sure that your device is charged optimum; if not then the user can keep their device on charging. Once it is switched on it will bring you to welcome screen and ask the user to select language. Several language options are available. Users can choose the preferred language from the drop-down list. This language is your android system language and menu language. The user who uses multiple languages can manually add extra languages on the android keyboard.

3. Insert the sim card:

Inserting the sim card is essential for using mobile data. The latest android phones are come up with a sim lock pin, user need to use it to open the sim card slot. The older android models are having the sim slots behind the battery. Users can skip this step in setup phone procedure but a sim card is required if the user wants to use the device for calling.

If a user can access any Wi-Fi network then the user can connect to it. This user needs to select a wireless network to enter the password key and connect to it.

4. Enter the Google account details:

The android operating system is developed by Google so the user needs a Google account to take full benefits of your brand new android device. Users can create a new Google account or enter their Google account details if they are already having the Google account.

With Google, account users can access different applications and services like Gmail, Google Drive, calendar, Google photos, YouTube, Google play store, and many more.

On some devices manufacturer like Samsung, Mi, Huawei ask the user to register on their site or to have an additional account. This will help the user to access the additional services from the device manufacturer’s company. If users don’t want the additional company-specific account then they can skip it and continue the next step.

5. Choose phone backup and enter payment details:

The users who are already having the Google account and doing easy setup android can restore backup and data from the older device to the new android phone. These will synchronize all the applications and data from your older device. The users who recently created Google account in earlier steps can click on the option set up as new.

6. Set current date and time:

User needs to select the time zone, date, and time for your device. Make sure that you set the correct timing which matches your wireless router settings. If the date and time are conflicts with the router then the user might unable to access the internet hence setting accurate dates and time is necessary.

7. Secure your phone with password/fingerprint:

User can secure their device from accessing other people. An expert strongly recommends protecting the android device. This option can prevent unwanted access to yours.

The users who are having the fingerprint sensor on their devices will prompt to add their fingerprint for securing an android device. The user also needs to set up additional security of pin or pattern with the fingerprint. If your fingerprint does not work then the user can access their device with the pin or pattern lock. Fingerprint sensors typically placed on the home button or the rear side just below your device camera. Users can press the finger on the sensor and follow on-screen instructions to set up their phones.

8. Open play store and download the applications:

Users can open the play store and download the required applications from it.

These are the basic steps of android phone setup wizard.

Q&A session on NineteenLives

How to set up voicemail on an android?

Users can set voice mail on the device following given instructions.

Open the phone application on the device it will open the dial pad. Press and hold the 1 number key from it. It will call your voice mail service after then user can follow the instructions to set up voicemail.

If after pressing the 1 number key from the keypad it says ‘no voicemail number stored on card’ then the user can go to settings-> call setting-> Voicemail-> Choose a carrier. Here user can enter their number and follow on-screen instructions to set up voicemail on the device.

How to set up outlook email on an android phone

Users can simply install ‘outlook for android’ application from the Google play store and configure the account by entering user credentials. To setup outlook without any application user can follow the given instructions.

Press menu and go to the settings-> Add account-> Add email account. User can enter their outlook email credentials and press sign-in button to setup outlook email account on android phone. User can select IMAP or POP account if it asks for the service provider.

How to empty trash on an android phone?

Specific trash application or the folder does not exist in the android phone however user can clear the trash folder from the Google Photos, Gmail, Dropbox, and other android applications.

Clearing the files in the trash improves the performance of the android device.


In this way, the user can set up their brand new android device. We hope this article on how to set up my device will be helpful to the users who recently brought a new android device. In case of any questions or the issues, the user can feel free to comment. We will answer in next article in Q&A session.


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