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Mobile number portability or port sim or the network from one to another very easily

mobile number portability

Until 2011, there were no traces or signs of mobile number portability. However, the sim changing season got disappeared after the network and mobile number portability arrived in India in the year 2011. This guide will help the user who wants to port number online.

So, what exactly is mobile number portability?

Many of you might be completely guided with it or might be aware of it. But for those who don’t know, mobile number portability is that facility where we can certainly shift from one network to another network without having to change the mobile numbers, in case if you are facing any issues with your network-provided by the network companies, and government authority called TRAI, which is the telecom board and regulatory authority of India.

Well, many of you might have even ported your phone number from Airtel to Jio or probably from Airtel to Vodafone or from any network to any network, it’s just easy.

In case, if you are still confused with these details and process, then don’t worry- we have put together all the information that is required to know the entire process of mobile number and network portability- Check this out-

What is mobile number portability (MNP process)?

Well, to explain- mobile number or the network portability process is also known as the MNP process which acts as the ultimate facility that will help you to switch from a single network to another network that works around in the country of India. However, this service can be obtained with any of the network providers in the country that is obtained with the help of Licensed Service Area- along with your existing number itself.

However, the mobile number portability does involve a small fee that you can know later on. Well, this service is intact and does not affect the future portability of your number. Previously, the telecom operators also demanded the users to change the numbers along with their networks. But this is not the situation now, as users can just shift to another network by paying a small fee, and of course with easy steps too.

How to port sim or the network from one to another?

We have some of the primary information along with efficient steps that will assist you well with porting the sim in just a matter of minutes. Check out these steps and methods that will help you do so-

  1. You first have to check out all the eligibility documents and requirements in case if you want to port your mobile number.
  2. Once you have checked all the eligibility, you have to contact the new network provider with to whom you want to get new network portability. However, you can get the eligibility details from TRAI government website.
  3. Later, obtain a CAF, also known as customer acquisition form. Once you know your eligibility, you will receive UPC, also known as Unique Porting Code, and now you just have to send a text, “PORT” along with your current mobile number to 1900.
  4. However, you will also receive an SMS from 1902. Now make sure that you have filled up the forms. Just submit these forms along with all your identity proofs and documents. You can submit to your nearest retailer or directly to the network galleries.
  5. However, if you are a postpaid user, then ensure that you submit your recently paid bill before you port you have to pay all your pending dues if you are a postpaid customer.
  6. Now, you will receive a new sim card from the network provider.


How to port a sim ?

Mobile number portability is pretty easy and simple. However, there are many factors that need to be considered while you choose to port your number.

  1. Well, you would need approval from the operator, or else your application might get rejected too in case if you are not eligible.
  2. However, your current operator will check for all the documents and then will pass on the application to the new network operator.
  3. You must know how to port sim with these mentioned guidelines and steps. Well, you ought to start using the sim once you have received the SMS, which generally arrives within 5 to 7 days.
  4. Also, you will receive SMS of confirmation after 5 days of confirmation or the approval of your new network by both the current network and the new network.
  5. However, once your sim approval has been finished, your network will change to the new one and you indeed cannot operate over the old network.
  6. Well, the UPC that you receive would be not valid after 15 days and hence you have to ensure that you are getting it approved by 15 days. If not, then your application will be rejected, and you will have to start the application process fresh.
  7. Also, in case if you didn’t want the porting request then you can cancel the application or the request within 24 hours. Post 24 hours you won’t be able to cancel the application at all.
  8. Well, these above mentioned process is for all the networks that are currently into the services.
  9. You don’t have to worry about the porting process as you will be guided by the operator itself. How to port sim is often a question or a doubt when it comes to steps and the processes.


Well, the entire process is all easy, and hence you don’t have to worry about it at all. This process is very easy and any body can do. However, it is necessary that your operator is finishing up the entire process at the right time. It should not be delay more than 15 days. Still you are facing any issue please comment below we will try to answer.


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Fix Headphones or Headsets on Windows 10, Ubuntu, Mac and iPhone Mobiles

Fix Headphones or Headsets

In this era, headphones and headsets are one of the most important gadgets used. People use headphones for different reasons. There are several uses of headphones. It can be used for listening to music, watch Television, listening to the radio. User can manage two mobile devicese simultaneously with single headphones using multipoint connection mode.

Different types of designs of headphones and headsets are available in the market. Some of them are Bluetooth headphones, wired headphones, wireless headphones, ear sets and many more.

Some people used headphones in the workplace. It helps to make concentrations in work. If the workplace is too noisy then person or employees can use the headphones and do their work in that company by listening to his/her favorite musical tracks. In the hectic schedule and heavy work, demand headphones are used to relax and make the mood of the person

We can observe that all age groups are putting headphones on and enjoy listening to music. It helps to create a person’s own private zone in the workplace. All the work is done with an extra concentration in a company by using a headset which leads to better performance of the employees.

Headphones can be used with multiples types of devices and operating systems like windows system, mobile phones, television, iPhones, iPad, ubuntu system, radio.

Use the Headphones with Windows 10 Operating System:

Windows is one of the most used and easy to use the operating system in the world. As a window 10 is new to the market, everyone is upgrading their system from windows 7 or windows 8 to windows 10. User can use headsets or headphones with windows by simply plug in it in the right port. Windows users are suffered from problems like audio driver updates and headphones not working on laptop windows 10.

User needs to have the proper knowledge about how to use headphones with windows desktop. There are different solutions available for Windows 10 headphones, not working problem. Windows user can try these solutions and use headphone mi with windows 10 by fixing the problem.

  • Sometimes windows unable to use headphones are the default output audio device. And the user’s needs to set headphone as default device manually, it can be done by using the following steps.
    1. Hold on the windows key on the keyboard or desktop and then press the X key.
    2. Select the control panel and open it by clicking on it.
    3. Click on hardware and sound category from the available option.
    4. Click on the sound.
    5. After that select headphones and click on the set default.
    6. Click the ok buttons. Now your headphones are set as default audio devices.

If there is a green right mark on the headphones they are already set as default audio device for the system. User need not update it. He can try other solutions for the problem.

  • Update the audio Drivers:

Many times headphones not working windows 10 due to the reason of audio drivers update. Audio drivers need to update regularly for better performance.

The windows user who is using Realtek HD audio manager on windows 10, it needs to configure it properly for high performance of headphone. The problem arises if the Realtek drivers did not configure or installed properly.

Use the Headphones with Ubuntu Operating System:

Many programmers or IT people use Ubuntu or Linux operating system on their laptop or a personal computer system. A programmer often needs the headphones to concentrate on working or to listen and enjoy the much-loved music tracks while working.

Sometimes the output sound comes from both speaker as well as headphones. To troubleshoot the problem step are provided below.

  • Open the terminal by using keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + T or simply open the terminal window from the dash. Type the command “alsamixer” and run it. After successfully running the above command. User use left the/right key to navigate and select the Auto-Muto. User can control it by using up/down arrow keys.
  • If the problems of headphones are still not solved, ubuntu user can install GNOME ALSA Mixer by “sudo apt-get install gnome-alsamixer” command. The auto mute mode can also be turned on using the GNOME app.
  • If the user wants to solve the headphones problem without installing any kind of app then the user can simply open the terminal window and type “sudo gedit /etc/pulse/”. This is the simplest way to solve the problem without an internet connection.

All the above solutions are applicable for all versions of the Ubuntu operating system and all types, brand of headphones available in the market.

Use the Headphones with Mac Operating System:

Mac operating system is highly secured operating system mostly used by professional users for their business. Use of headphones is act as a stress reliever and makes the mood of the person. On the updated versions of Mac, the user manually needs to configure headphones or headset with the operating system.

A very simple and quick method is available to quickly resolve the audio or headphone problem with Mac operating system. The same method can be applied for all versions of Mac operating systems and all types of headphones or ear birds.

The steps are as follows.

  1. Open the Mac menu and select the system preferences from the available categories.
  2. Choose the sound panel and open the output tab from it.
  3. They ask which device needs to be used as the default output device for sound output. Select internal speakers as the default output sound device.
  4. User can adjust the sound levels if required and enjoys music with headphones with the Mac operating system.

Use the Headphones or Headsets with iPhone Mobiles:

Latest iPhones launched in the market does not have the headphone port to use. As the apple company makes a very big decision to remove the headphone jack from the phones. So the iPhone users cannot use the standard headphone sets with the iPhone mobile.

To use the standard headphones with your new iPhone device, the user needs to use the lightning connector to the iPhone for using wired connectors.

If still, users are not able to connect the wired headphones to the iPhone then there could be a problem with headphones or headphone jack gets damaged, and there is time to buy new headsets for iPhone.

In some cases, there can be a problem with the headphone port of the iPhone. All the ports of the iPhone need to be cleaned regularly for better performance and to increase the life span of the iPhone.

Many cases the problem get solved by just restarting the iPhone. User needs to test the Airplay input and the Bluetooth input too for the proper working of headphones or headsets.

Use the Headphones or Headsets with Mobiles:

It is very simple to use headphones with a simple mobile with keypad or android mobiles. Stand headphones come with mike. Customer should have the mic test before buying any kind of headphones with mic. These tests are available free online which test the microphone working of mobile.

For all kind of headphones problems user need to first restart the device, up to 40%of mobile problems can get solved by just restarting the audio devices. if the problem still exists then above methods can be used to get headphones working with your devices.


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Lasted Updates of About OnePlus 7 mobile with Release Date and Specs

After the great reviews and grand product success of oneplus 6T last year. Now everyone is exciting about the release of upcoming gadget products oneplus 7 in india. Gadgets lovers wait for the oneplus 7 cell phone as it is the first 5g phone in the market. One plus company declare that it is the first company to launched 5g mobile phone in the Indian market.

Oneplus 7 mobile leaks online provides the clear idea about the attractive look and pop up front facing camera and bigger screen of one plus 7 device.

Before buy or shop for any gadgets online customer should read and study about the product rate, specifications and review online and find the best deal online and the money.

Oneplus 7 release date

It has been confirmed that one plus 7 is globally released on 14th May 2019. As only few days left for the launching of the product, interested customers should know about the product specifications and oneplus 7 price in india. The one plus 7 already made the web appearances by its eye catching and high end features.

OnePlus 7 Phone Specifications

oneplus 7 specs is pretty advanced in features than previously launched one plus 6T. It is having high-end functionality and major improvements in features like camera, processor, battery, display, design and storage.


Camera is one of the most import feature customer is looking before buying cell phone. One plus 7 phone supports triple lens back camera which consist of 48 pixels main lens connected by 16 megapixel secondary lens and 8 megapixels tertiary lens and it s having 16megapixel pop up front or selfie camera. The meaning of pop up front face camera is user is able to slide in or slide out the front camera from the main mobile body.

Generally camera takes the small are of mobile screen but because of this feature customer can have the bigger screen on one plus 7 device.

Apart from above basic things it is having LED Flash, digital zoom, autofocus, touch focus, face detection, HDR, panorama mode and geo tagging features.

With this entire camera specification customer can look forward to the variant and most beautiful pictures from one plus 7 camera.

Display and Design

One plus 7 is having 6.5’’ or 16.51cm full HD display and 1080 x 2340 screen resolution. It comes with optic AMOLED display screen with rounded edges and eye-catching design like Samsung galaxy phone range.

One plus 7 has the scratch resistant glass protected by corning gorilla glass 5. So user can enjoy watching videos and playing games on such big screen of one plus 7.

People love to use slim and light weight mobile phones as it is easy to carry and handle these kinds of devices. The weight of one plus 7 is 185 grams and the thickness is 8.8 mm. Width and height of one plus 7 is 71.6 mm and 161.3 mm respectively. The devices one plus 7 comes with splash proof feature.

Storage, Operating System and Processor

Customer can experienced lasted android 9.0 Pie operating system with oxygen OS and octal core Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 with Adreno 640 graphics. One plus 7 cell phone supports 8Gb RAM and customer have the choices to select 128 GB or 256GB internal storage for mobile. The device doesn’t support external storage. The device supports two GSM nano sim cards simultaneously. Along with that is supports high speed Wi-Fi 802.11 with speed 5GHz, mobile hotspot, Wi-Fi direct and Bluetooth connectivity.


Mobile users always faced the low battery problem and lot of time required to recharge it. This problem can get solved by oneplus 7 buy online because it provides long lasting big battery. The one plus 7 phone will

support the 4000 mAh battery which can charge fasters. User can refill the 50% of battery in just 20 minutes.

Sensors and other special Features

One plus 7 is having on screen finger print sensor while other cell phones mostly having back position fingerprint sensor on mobile. It will also have the multi touch screen, light sensor, proximity sensor, gravity sensor, orientation sensor, accelerometer, compass, barometer, magnetometer and gyroscope.

There is still question mark about the waterproof feature of one plus 7 but it is highly resistance to water. But it is splash proof as previous models are having the splash proof feature.

With all the above high end features one plus will have a new look which adds the charms to users personality and provides stylish look to the customers.

Service Centers

Mobile users are often worried about the proper services of mobile after some problem occurs. People are not able to find the nearby service station of mobile company most of the times and need to wait for long time for good service.

In case any problem or damage for the oneplus 7 mobile customer can visit the authorized service centers. There are multiple one plus service centers available in India also. Customer can repair their one plus mobile form these service stations or also purchase the accessories like USB cables, headphones for the one plus mobile.

Rates of OnePlus 7

One plus 7 is famous for offering high end smart phone functionality at affordable prices so that customer from every class can enjoy the features of the smart phone. However, it is the first 5g phone. so, one plus 7 is expected to more costly than the existing one plus smart phones.

One plus 6T is launched last year by the one plus company was begin from the cost $549 that is equal to 38154.13 Rs in the Indian currency. So oneplus 7 rate can be slightly more or equal to that. One plus did not declare the cost of upcoming mobile one plus 7 up till now.

Is oneplus 7 5g ?

People are excited about the 5g features and on screen finger print sensor of oneplus 7 mobile phone. As one plus 7 supports 5g features, user can experienced the fastest internet on one plus 7 mobile. In today’s era everyone wants the fastest internet so one plus 7 device can be gain peoples attractions due to its 5g feature.



Customer can check frequently oneplus 7 amazon to know the exactly one plus 7 launched date. Some internet source shows the announced release date of oneplus 7, but its not official.

However, one plus 7 is supposed to release by the end of May 2019.

As the product is more famous among young generation before the launching. The who is interested need to book one plus 7 device and take it before it stock out in the market. Just like the grand success of OnePlus 6T the upcoming gadget the oneplus 7 is expected to have the same or more success in market.


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Motorola Moto X Pure Nougat Updates & Download USA XT1575

Moto X Pure Nougat Update

Updates? What’s that? Of course, any ancient or a stone-age individual will only want to know. Undoubtedly, we all know, what exactly a smart device is, including watches, mobile phones, laptops, PCs and what not. We have got a device for everything. Well, the phones are one such device that was established with a flashlight and the calling feature. The device kept updating, and now who doesn’t have a smartphone?

Of course, when it comes to smartphones, it requires an operating system that will make it run quite smoothly and will perform well. And any operating system needs to be updated to run smoothly. Are you looking for the right smartphone with the latest updates? Ever tried the Moto phones? Check this out-

What is Motorola Moto X?

Of course, buying the best smartphone can be very much challenging, especially when an individual who has zero knowledge about its update, specifications, operating system, storage, and other features. Well, one of the most budgeted smartphones is Motorola. Undoubtedly, the phone has updated itself to the trendiest level. Well, one such smartphone in Motorola line is Moto X. Moto X has a variety of generations, and all of them have their specifications and update.

Moto X is another version of the mobility company. It was launched in August’ 2013. The model still has a great critic from the reviewers and plenty of users. Moto X launched its first generation, and it has plenty of successors, adding more features to the piece. Moto X has several features that perfectly suits any smartphone and that particular price frame, which ultimately means the model is worth your hard earned money. The device has a chipset, branded with the X8 Mobile computing system. The model also has various specifications such as Dual Core with 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon. Of course, the essential factor that needs to be considered when buying a smartphone is its processor, storage and its operating system.

Well, let me remind you, Moto X has various successors, as you know already. Yes, I am talking about, Moto X Style, also known as Moto X Pure edition, the new launch from Motorola. Well, for a few of us it might be pretty tricky to get along with this android or the nougat updates. You can directly avail nougat for Moto X style all across the internet. Don’t worry, and I have mentioned the installation process of these nougat updates as well.

Here’s more detail on the Moto X Style Nougat Update-

Everything you need to know about Moto X style Nougat Update India

Nougat update is the latest update for all the android users. If you are looking out for the latest updates on Moto X versions, then you can directly check nougat for Moto X style update. Nougat updates recreate the smartphones and make them better. More features, high performance, graphics and what not! With the arrival of Nougat, Android users have now a big smile on their face. Moto X style Nougat update India will be seen when there is an update released. You need to keep an eye on the update bar of your smartphone, as you will receive a notification.

You need to be very careful when you are updating your smartphone. However, you are not appreciated to use your smartphone at the time of updating your smartphone. When you tend to use your device at the time of system update, there are chances that your data might get cleaned out or erased forever. Of course, you will be able to see the notification or the warning message before you start with your Moto X Style Nougat Update.

Well, if you are wondering what Moto X Style Nougat Update India would bring along? Nougat version arrives with reshaped and a classic look of notification shade, multi-tasking, split screen, the Doze mode, and also the improved performance and user-experience altogether.

Here are some more in-depth information about the update:-

  •    Enhancements in the user experience.
  •    Efficient controls and multi-tasking mode.
  •    Data and battery saver add-ons.
  •    It improves productivity.
  •    Performance improvement.
  •    Bulk notifications, a direct reply from the notification bar itself, and smooth controls.

How do you download Nougat for Moto X Style?

Well, the nougat update can be seen on the settings>about phone>updates section. Of course, you can download Android Nougat either from your system updates bar or from the internet. You need to be more careful when you are up for downloading Nougat on any smartphone, make sure that you are availing that update from completely a secure website or the page. To remind you, sometimes, the links that you get on the internet might not be safe at all and could be malware too.

Hence, ensure that you are downloading a secure Nougat link from the internet and not some malware altogether on your device. As mentioned already, you can also download the updates from the internet and some secure websites too. Well, if you are confused on downloading Moto X Style Nougat update, then here is the complete process to assist you with.

Download Moto X Pure Nougat Update USA XT1575

There are two below versions able for download for different devices. these version you take from officeal

  • US Nougat Incremental OTA
  • Nougat NPH25.200-22 OTA file for US Moto X Pure Edition

How to Install Nougat for Moto X Style?

You have to follow the below-mentioned process for the Nougat Update in your smart device-

  •    Before you proceed with the installation of the update, make sure you have backed up all your essential information outside your smartphone.
  •    Now, you have to download the Nougat update from any of the trusted websites and save it within your device.
  •    Just switch off your device, and reboot it into a recovery mode.
  •    Now, go for option apply update from SD card within the recovery mode.
  •    It is time for you to search for the Nougat file that you downloaded and click it to get it installed.
  •    Well, please hold on until it gets installed and updated.
  •    Once done, start using your device as usual and check for the new add-ons.


Of course, as mentioned already it is imperative that you get the safest link of Moto X Style Nougat to update India. Otherwise, you can merely wait until your device received a notification for the update. Don’t rush, and fall into troubles. Nougat has got various add-on features- trust me, you need to check it out.


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