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iOS V/S Firestick Jailbreaking: What’s The Major Difference?

iOS V/S Firestick

Many people try jailbreaking their devices. But is jailbreaking of any use? Yes, jailbreaking can be beneficial to users in many ways as it unlocks the complete potential of the device they are using. Two of the most common devices on which jailbreaking is done are iOS devices and Firestick. Both of them can be highly efficient in terms of usage but are backed by limited functionality. 

Firestick can turn a normal TV with HDMI support, into an Android TV, but can be limited by the features that are only available to Android TV. Jailbreaking in Firestick allows you to use those features limited by the Firestick. The same is with iOS devices. People prefer using Android phones over iPhones because Android phones have the features of the iPhone, but the features of the Android phone limit the iPhone. In terms of performance, iPhones perform well but are backed by features. Jailbreaking iPhone allows users to unleash the full potential of the iPhones. 

How To Jailbreak Firestick?

Jailbreaking Firestick is a not difficult process. Following the correct procedure will help in jailbreaking Firestick. Let’s discuss how to jailbreak Firestick.

  • The very first step is to open the settings menu on your Firestick device. 
  • Now click on the select device and select your Fire TV device. Once opened your Fire TV device, click on the developer options.
  • Now comes the essential step involved in jailbreaking the Firestick. Allow installing apps from unknown sources. 
  • Now that you have allowed installing apps from unknown sources, you will need a file explorer to access APK files. You can get an ES file explorer from the app store and install it. 
  • Now that you have installed ES file explorer, its time to install Kodi to browse and view all web shows and movies for free. Open the ES file explorer and visit the download manager option. You will be able to download the manager option under the tools section. 
  • Once you have opened the download manager, you will see a ‘new’ button. After clicking the button, you will see a download window opening.
  • On this new window that has opened, you can enter the website to download the Kodi APK. Visit the website, and select the android OS. Once you have selected the OS, you can download the 32-bit version for the Firestick. Copy the download link for the 32-bit version of Kodi and paste the link in the download window for the download to begin.
  • Once the app is installed, you can enjoy all the content for free. 

Benefits Of Jailbreaking Firestick

Is jailbreaking Firestick devices of any use? Yes, jailbreaking can enable you to access the features that you would have never accessed with the default version of Firestick. Let’s discuss some benefits of jailbreaking Firestick.

  • Jailbreaking the Firestick gives you free access to unlimited content. Firestick, however, turns your TV to Android TV but can limit the content you can view. With jailbreaking Firestick, you can access all the content that was not available on Firestick before. By doing this, you will be able not only to access the content, but also to view it for free. 
  • Play games with all the benefits of it. Firestick allows users to play games on it, but some of the games that are available on Firestick are paid. Well, not a regular user would want to spend the amount of money to play the games. Once you have done jailbreaking, you can enjoy all the games available on the Firestick for free.

Benefit Of Jailbreaking iOS

Unlike Android phones, iPhones are limited in terms of features and prevents users from performing various tasks that can be performed. With jailbreaking an iOS device or iPhone, you will be entitled to perform tasks that cannot be done on an iOS device.

  • Install all the third-party apps. In Android, you cannot enable the option to install apps from unknown sources that are not available on the Playstore. This can be beneficial when you have deleted a large app or reset your phone as you won’t have to download the apps again. Well, that might not be the case with the iPhone. You cannot install any third-party app without jailbreaking the device.
  • You can access all the hidden files of the iOS system.
  • Bluetooth transfer in iPhone is only limited to images. When you jailbreak your iPhone, you will remove the limitation of transferring only images with Bluetooth, and you will be able to transfer all the files. 
  • Installing default apps can be difficult in both android and iOS devices. One plus point about the iPhone is that there’s no bloatware in any iPhone, whereas, in android devices, you can get some bloatware. Well, some of the android phones have the options to uninstall preinstalled apps, and that is a good part of it. With the iPhone, you cannot install default apps or apps installed by the system. Jailbreaking an iPhone allows you to install all the apps that are preinstalled within the system.
  • File-sharing can be made easy between iOS devices and android devices. The OS difference makes it difficult to transfer data over Bluetooth. You might have to use an app to do the work. Once you are done with jailbreaking the iPhone, you can easily transfer data from iPhone to Android. 


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The Ironies Behind The World’s Most Famous Apps

World’s Most Famous Apps

The generation of today is full of surprising success stories that nobody could have ever imagined. Now no one had ever expected that the era of information would sprout into chunks of business ideas with such unique selling propositions, like any other industry that is categorised as a human necessity. Apparently, applications and websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix and the others like these are examples of these inspiring stories that made people now public figures more relevant in this planet and made the world crazier than before.

World’s Most Famous Apps

These businesses connected people and made distances closer. Moreover, these so-called apps addressed the needs of the citizens, no matter how impossible it was before. Moving on, it is evident that these multi-million entities have their mechanisms that maintain their operations. However, it is ironic to realize that the service they provide required them only the people’s machinery, without expecting too much from them.

Let me emphasize to you what I mean. is also known as the world’s most valuable retailer. It has even surpassed eBay and Amazon when it comes to selling stuff, but believe it or not, they need no single form of inventory. Alibaba is just an online platform for stuff for sale. The site does not directly intend to sell their products or things they produce. If some item is lost, it is the retailer users fault.


Instagram is known as the world’s largest photo album. However, the interesting thing about it is that it does not bother to sell the cameras when they have the best filters for pictures. Now the thing that I want to know is that what is the importance of all this when the Instagram users already own their smartphones or Digital cameras for their sustenance?


Facebook or more aptly “The social network” rarely produce their media. Although sometimes it is CEO and creator Mark Zuckerberg does post media materials, but he is still a separate entity from the app. More importantly, Facebook only provides the mechanism for the people to share their different media, be it any images, videos, graphics, writing, podcast, links, and the likes.


Uber taxis are not something very special. They are just normal private vehicles owned by individuals. The company does not intend to buy millions of units from the countries where they are operating, but rather, they open the who-wants-to-operate-an-uber-taxi field for all the interested parties to offer their service and make use of their private vehicles under Uber’s facilitation.


Airbnb is the ultimate vacation and local hosts one-stop shop, but it is just like Alibaba. its establishes this opportunity for all the local residential sites and companies online to feature themselves online and to market them and their products at a more convenient means.


Netflix and chill”? They got it right. Netflix provides various movies, tv series, etc to watch where people can choose from at a very minimal price. Apparently, they are not a cable provider. If you need movie, documentaries, series and other motion clips, you could get it from them. However, you do not need to subscribe to a cable program.

Finally: World’s Most Famous Apps

I hope you all must have enjoyed this article. still if you have any query about any app. Please let us know in comment section.

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Best APP Store Alternatives


Google Play store is one of the most popular store apps out there with billions of Apps and games. And it is also the most used store for Android – No Doubts.

But as we know nothing is perfect – nothing means Google Play store too. That is why a lot of people search for the APP Store alternatives and here I will reveal the best options to the Play store which we can use right away, and they will be handy as simple for you.

However, the things are not as more straightforward as you think, there are a lot of basic concepts involved in it that is why I will be describing a few of basic terms which will be useful.
So, let’s dig dipper and learn more about it.

Why we need APP Store Alternatives?

Whenever someone says you that you need some alternative app too from where you can download apps and games, it means there is something wrong with Google Play, and that thing is there are a lot of apps and games which are not present on the Play Store.

For example, the popular game Ludo Star has been removed from the Play Store if you were using some alternatives then it would be useful. That is why you should use some play store alternatives.

What are the Best Play Store Alternatives?

Well, there are a lot of developers out there which provide the users to download the app in the apk format – but there are thousands of apps, and here I am not going to describe all the alternatives.

Look below list, and you will find the application that will be useful for you.


Aptoide is one of the best alternatives out there, and it is serving the users since the year 2009, and till now it has become the best alternative to the play store. After the App Store of iPhone, the next big store is Aptoide, and it is the second largest app store for Android users.

The best thing about Aptoide is that you don’t need to install the app you can use their site too. However, You can run this app on your PC also, but need to install an emulator and download Aptoide for pc .


APKMirror is here for a long quiet time and has earned an excellent reputation and is now widely used and trusted all over the world. You can find all those apps that are on Google Play store, but there are a lot more apps that are not on the GPS (Google Play Store), but you can find them on the APKMirror.

The cool thing about this PS alternative is that you can also get the older versions of your favorite apps. It is useful in those conditions when you have updated the app, and you do not love the latest version of the app.

Amazon Appstore

Who don’t know about Amazon it is the most popular E-Commerce store in the United States which was started back in the nineties. Since then it earned a very good reputation, and now they are also providing an app store from where you can download the apps and games for free.

But it doesn’t have all the apps. However, we are mentioning it here because it is the most secure the highly recommended app for downloading games that are not on the Google Play Store.


AcMarket is a little bit newer on the market but it is getting trendy, and people have started using it. According to an estimate, AcMarket has been installed for more than 10 million times, and now it is one of the most popular Play Store Alternatives. You can use it for downloading paid and free apps.

The cool thing about this store is that you can get the updates of any app that you have installed on your device from it and it is also 100% free and has not advertisements.
Moreover, it also secures and reliable app.

AIO Downloader

AIO stands for All In One Downloader which means it provides all requirements for the Android users. The needs of the Android users are Android Apks, Songs, Movies that’s it and AIO developers know it very closely that is why they have designed their app in such a way that you can download everything that you want.

For instance, if you are a movies lover then you can find almost all the favorite movies from there, however, if you want to get some latest songs or Android apps, then you can also get them.

Final Words

So, guys, this was a list of the Best G Play store alternatives and here I have described it very smoothly, but If I have missed something, then you must let me about it.

However, if you find this guide useful then please share Play Store Alternatives, with your friends too on your favorite social sites. So, that we can get some social boost.

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