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A guide to install TWRP recovery tool on android with advantage and disadvantage of installing

TWRP Recovery

Users can install a wide range of applications on their android smartphones. Some applications need to have the root access for installing it on your device. User can root their device by installing the TWRP recovery tool.  

TWRP is the acronym of ‘Team Win Recovery Project’. It is an open-source Android application that allows installing new application firmware, ROM in a device. Users can also install TWRP recovery for flashing, rooting their android device. Users who want to install the TWRP can stay tuned with this article for the complete guide on how to install TWRP recovery. 

User should fully charge their mobile phone before executing the steps given below. This article how to install TWRP recovery contains detailed instructions about installing the TWRP tool in the android device with and without PC. The TWRP installations methods given below are safe but the user should take the backup of their device and carefully execute the steps given below. 

How to install TWRP via ADB 

This method only works for the users who unlocked boot loaders on their android device. User needs to have a PC/laptop to install TWRP by this method. Before the following steps given below, make sure that you have ADB and its drivers installed on your PC. 

  • Download the TWRP recovery img for android. User should download the file which is compatible with their android device.  
  • Turn on USB debugging from your android device. Follow the given steps to enable USB mode. 
  • Go to settings-> about the phone. 
  • Here user can see the build number tap on it 7 times to enable developer options. 
  • Once developer options are enabled on the device user and go back to settings and click on USB debugging. 
  • Open the folder where you save the downloaded TWRP recovery image from your system. 
  • Press shift+ right clicks and selects the option ‘Open command window here’. 
  • Connect your android device to the computer system and type the command ‘ADB reboot loader’ on the command prompt. 
  • Users can see the dialog box which is asking the USB debugging permissions on their android device. After then the android device will boot into bootloader mode. 
  • Enter the command ‘Fastboot flash TWRP recovery.img’ on the command prompt to flash the TWRP recovery image file. Users can enter the name of the downloaded TWRP image file in the above command.  
  • Now the TWRP will be flashed on your android device. Enter the command ‘Fastboot reboot’ on the command prompt.  

In this way, the user can install TWRP using ADB on any android device. 

How to install TWRP by using Fastboot 

This is another method to install TWRP in the android device. This method is very similar to install TWRP via ADB. Here are step by step instructions by using which user can install the TWRP recovery tool using Fastboot. The user needs to install Fastboot and its drivers before following this process. 

  • Download the TWRP recovery img for android. User should download the file which is compatible with their android device.  
  • Turn on USB debugging on your Android Smartphone. (User can use the steps given in the previous method to enable USB debugging.) 
  • Now Connect device to PC thru USB cable. 
  • Go to the Fastboot folder.  
  • Keep holding the shift key from the keyboard and right-click then select to open command prompt from the context menu. 
  • Enter ‘ADB reboot bootloader’ command to boot device into Fastboot mode. 
  • Enter the command ‘fastboot devices’ to make sure that your device is recognized by the system or not. 
  • Enter the command ‘Fastboot flash recovery.img’ to install TWRP and press enter. 
  • Hit the command ‘fastboot reboot’ to reboot your device. Select the recovery mode option while restarting. 

In this way, the user can install the TWRP recovery tool via Fastboot on the android device.  

How to install TWRP recovery without pc 

Most of the users think that the user needs to have a PC/ laptop for the TWRP installation but it can be installed without the computer system too. Here are the steps which help the user to download and install TWRP tool on their device. This is a simple method and works almost all android devices. 

  • Launch Google play store from your phone. 
  • Search for the official TWRP app and click on the download button. 
  • Once downloaded, open the application. Read and accept the terms and conditions. 
  • Click on the checkbox of named ‘Run with the root permissions’ and press ok. 
  • Click on the TWRP Flash button and allow access permissions to the app. 
  • After then choose the ‘select device’ option from the dropdown list. Search and select your device from the list. 
  • Download the latest TWRP recovery img for android .
  • Now save the recovery img for android file in the internal storage of your Smartphone. 
  • Open the TWRP official app and click on the button name select file to flash. 
  • Locate and select the TWRP image file which we downloaded in earlier steps. 
  • Select flash to recovery button and confirm the same by clicking on the Ok button. 
  • It will take a few seconds for the completion. 

In this way, the user can install TWRP on any android device without a PC. After the installation completes, the user can restart their device and select the recovery mode option. If the user sees the TWRP interface instead of the typical android home screen then the TWRP is successfully installed on the android device. 

What is advantage and disadvantage of installing TWRP 

advantage and disadvantage of installing TWRP

Advantages of installing TWRP: 

  • User can root their android phone without help of computer system. 
  • User can install the custom ROM, kernels on their android device. 
  • User can update their android operating system to the newer version.  
  • User can flash the ZIP files in the device after installing TWRP recovery tool. 

Disadvantages of installing TWRP: 

  • Flashing the wrong zip file may damage or crash the android OS. 
  • The warranty of the android device lost once user installs the TWRP recovery tool on their device.  


User should carefully follow all the steps mentioned in the above steps. But you should think twice before doing TWRP recovery, as i have cleared the advantage & disadvantage of it. its upon you whatever you choose, If you stuck somewhere and getting error then please feel free to ask in comment below.




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