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How to Edit PDF and Also Write About Different PDF Editors with Functions

How to Edit PDF

Editing the PDF files have always been a challenging task, and we all struggle to finish it. Of course, pdf file editors are very much useful especially for college students, and for official assignments. Most of us don’t know how to edit a pdf file. Of course, even I don’t know, how to edit a pdf file. Word document or Excel documents can be only and quite easily edited, but once a word file or a document is converted, packaged into a pdf file, it cannot be edited. You cannot even select the whole file just like you do in a word document. Of course, whenever we need any invoices, essential or confidential data to be sent across, we can make use of PDF file formats and share them safely.

It is also beneficial if we are using these PDF files on the internet, it will be helpful for you. Editing the PDF files can be tough for most of you and hence, here we have discussed a few easy steps and guidance to help you edit your pdf file.

How to Edit a PFD File? 

Before we begin with editing a pdf file, you must know every single detail about a pdf file. So, what’s exactly is a pdf file? The PDF file is that type of file format or a kind that enables you to send across various texts wrapped in a page but are only available to read and not for editing or formatting. Also, it doesn’t matter what type of software you are using to open a pdf file. Even the images and graphics that have been added in a pdf file cannot be edited that easily. Here we have got some simple guide and the most natural steps to edit a pdf file.

  • It is pretty simple, and you have to open the Adobe Acrobat.
  • Once opened, you will see the select file, and then an open option.
  • Now you have to select the PDF document that you want to edit from the windows or your system storage.
  • Once you have opened the file, click on Edit Pdf file or document mentioned in the toolbar.
  • You need to keep your cursor over or above the text that is present in the pdf file.
  • Once done, save the modifications and changes that you have made in the pdf file. 
However, we have also got some extreme level of a pdf file. 

1. APower PDF Editor 

With this PDF editor, you can either edit the files that are already present in the pdf document, or you can create an entirely new text or a file. It has got a great list and selects of edit tools, with which you can get a lot of options to edit a pdf file. You can also avail for the best PDF conversion options within the data itself. You will even get the opportunity for creating a scratch from the PDFs that are available. This PDF editor has got zero limitations or hurdles that will affect your editing task. Hence, get this tool and edit those pdf files quickly. 

2. Sedja

Sedja is another popular PDF editor that is available in the software and tools online market. Availing the tool is just easy and simple. It has got an excellent option for tools. You actually don’t have to download the software or the options that are available in the software. You can also choose your own tools from the tool or the software. It has also got an option of saving the files online, also known as cloud storage. Before you begin using the software, you need to know that each session lasts only for three hours, later you will have to begin a new session. So, make sure you finish your task at that time. 

3. Foxit PDF Editor

Of course, most of you might have already heard about this famous and popular pdf editing software. This pdf editor provides an exceptional level of functionalities and usages that are needed by many of us. Sometimes, we might need some texts to be edited and corrected, but how about when you have those essential images in a pdf file. At such times, the need for Foxit pdf editor arises out of nowhere. It gives a professional touch to all those words within your file. Also, using this software is quite easy and simple too. Hence, you won’t be having any struggles to issues while operating this tool. 

4. Adobe PDF Editor 

This one should be in the first place. Because we all know what Adobe is and have used many tools and software from Adobe. Of course, this tool is widely used and is known as the most popular pdf editor or the reader. You might be aware of Adobe pdf viewer, and yes, it is very different from Adobe PDF editor too. PDF editor is very much important for both small businesses and large businesses. Even students do need pdf editors sometimes, just like I mentioned above. It has an excellent standard and levels of features that mark this tool as the best one in the market. 

5. Crop PDF Online with HiPDF Editor

HiPDF editor is the most useful and beneficial pdf editor that we must use. You can avail great services with this tool. You can only opt for editing the text with different levels of tools which has an extreme set of features and benefits for sure. Of course, Crop PDF online is available in most of the PDF editors. But you can also go for editing your PDF file online, without having to download any tool, if it’s a one-time editing task. 


If you don’t know to edit a pdf file, then it can be a great challenging task for all your pdf editing tasks. Hence, you can opt for editing those files online, or you can also use the pdf as mentioned above editors with all those features mentioned along.


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    Top 11 sites like wish alternatives for online shopping worldwide with Pros and Cons

    sites like wish

    Wish is a super popular online shopping service. Users can shop for all kinds of goods and products from the Wish website or mobile app. All the merchants from the world sell their products are services directly to the general public on the wish. Wish is well known for the inexpensive prices of the products.  

    Users can save a considerable amount by shopping with the Wish. In this era, everyone prefers shopping online, so there is a competition between e-commerce portals. There are numerous shopping sites like wish that is available online.  This article includes the top 11 shopping sites like wish and apps like Wish

    Here is the list of top 11 sites and apps like wish for shopping with Pros and Cons: 

    1. AliExpress 

    AliExpress is the biggest shopping platform owned by China. It is the most preferred shopping site by worldwide buyers and sellers. AliExpress connects Chinese business to buyers from the globe. Users can get a wide range of products of different brands on the Aliexpress.  Users can browse the required product using search by category feature of the website. 


    • Lowers Cost of products 
    • Secure payment methods 
    • Free Shipping for almost all products 
    • Wide range of products  
    • Discount on the first order 


    • High delivery time as the products are delivered from china 
    • Paypal not accepted 
    • Bad packaging  
    • Hard to track order 

    2. Zulily 

    Users can get products like women and maternity clothing, kid’s clothing, kitchenware, electronic gadgets, and household items from the various brands on the Zulily. Users can get an exclusive discount on all the products on Zulily.  


    • Users can save up 70% by shopping with Zulily 
    • Very easy to create account 
    • Wide range of products 
    • Customers can get store credits points by inviting others to Zulily 


    • Hard to return and refund products 
    • High delivery charges  
    • Average delivery time is 7 days 

    3. BangGood 

    BangGood is yet another shopping website and apps like Wish. It is a china based online shopping platform that is offering retail services to consumers. It is good for shopping the home decors products, electronics gadgets, clothing, phones, and daily need items. BangGood is having several ready to ship warehouses at top country locations in the world that allow the fast Shipping of the products. 


    • 10% discount coupon for the first order 
    • Secure payment system 
    • Paypal is accepted without BG account 
    • Customers can earn by with BangGood drop ship program 
    • Wide range of high-quality products 


    • The high loading time of the site 

    4. Overstock 

    Users can get high-quality furniture material, jewelry, watches, clothing, electronics gadgets on the Overstock.  Users can also get books and magazines, movies, music on the overstock. All the services and products come at economical prices. 


    • Easy return and refund policy 
    • 30 days money-back guarantee with condition 
    • Exclusive and new deals every day 
    • Simple to track your order 


    • Slow shipments 
    • High return charges 

    5. Light in the box 

    Light in the box is a prominent e-commerce shopping site. It is well-known for getting household items, gardening items, fashion accessories, clothing, and electronic gadgets in wholesale charges.  


    • Available in more than 20 languages 
    • Fully trusted websites 
    • Secure payment gateway 
    • Dropshipping feature 


    • Slow delivery of products 
    • Users might need to pay customs fees in case of fast delivery 

    6. GearBest 

    GearBest is the best place to shop for products like mobile phones, electronic gadgets, home products, sports accessories, toys in the pocket-friendly rates. It is also a china based online shopping site, which offers the directly in factory products to the customers.  


    • High-quality products 
    • Lowest shipping charges 
    • Quick delivery in specific areas 
    • Paypal is accepted 


    • Risk of custom charges 
    • Complicated return and refund procedures 
    • Limited products are available 

    7. Joom 

    Joom is well known for getting branded clothing, cosmetics, shoes, toys, home accessories, electronics, gifts, etc. It is the top competitor of the Wish website. Users can get the top class products on the Joom at comparatively lower prices.  


    • Simple and easy to use website 
    • The lowest price of products 
    • All the products with zero delivery charges 


    • Poor customer service 
    • Long delivery time (it can take 1-2 months to deliver product) 
    • User need to pay additional charges while using PayPal 

    8. YoShop 

    Yoshop is a famous app like Wish, which is good for shopping all the daily needs items. Almost all the third party merchants involved in the Yoshop are based in China. Customers can shop for watches, sunglasses, clothing, jewelry, pet supplies, home décor, and beauty products on the Yoshop. Yoshop offers speedy product deliverance compared to other sites.  


    • Fast delivery 
    • Worldwide Free shipping of products 
    • Good customer support service 
    • Coupon discount on the first order 


    • Comparative low discount available on the products 

    9. Hollar 

    Hollar is the perfect place for shopping items like beauty products, office, and school products, party collections, cleaning products, toys, gifts, baby care products, home, and kitchen products, etc.  It is well known for the best customer support service. 


    • Economical prices of products 
    • Rapid order delivery 
    • Easy shopping and checkout procedure 


    • Poor packaging of products 
    • Additional time required for order delivery than expected

     10. Lazada 

    Lazada is the Germany based e-Commerce site like Wish. The products of the Lazada are directly delivered from the factory warehouse. As no third party is involved, customers can get all the products at minimum rates. 


    • Exclusive products with amazing discounts 
    • Offline Lazada stores are also available  
    • Branded items with good customer reviews 


    • Difficult to replace and refund the product. 

    11. JollyChic 

    Users often used the jolly chic for purchasing fashion products. The large collections of fashion products and clothes for all age groups are available on the Jollychic.  


    • Fast worldwide delivery 
    • Huge range of clothes collection 
    • Good customer service 


    • Poor Quality of products than expected 
    • Free delivery only on large orders 

    Conclusion : Sites like a wish alternatives for online shopping worldwide 

    The top 11 alternatives sites like Wish are available now. We have tried to give you the best answer of this topic, hope you have enjoyed to know all this. This is our view and experiences on this websites which we assumed truly without being bias. However, it can be different for everybody. User may choose any product for shopping sites and apps because all are the best in market and no one could be perfect so share your experiences in comment section.  Apart from above, users can also look for Fab, Shopkick, Dollar Tree, Geek buying, etc. Wish is a very trusted shopping platform but, users should check the same product on other alternatives, and don’t forget to check customer reviews while shopping for any product online.

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    [Solved] how to save private Instagram videos ? step by step detailed article to download and save Instagram videos on PC, iPhone, android.

    download Instagram private videos

    Instagram is the most prominent social networking application owned by Facebook. Users can share their photos and videos with followers with Instagram. Instagram offers the special security feature of Instagram’s private account for the users. Users need to follow a specific person or celebrity to access and download the media content uploaded by the users.

    Users can download the videos and images from the Instagram private accounts of that users can view it later without an internet connection. Unfortunately, users cannot download Instagram’s private videos from the official Instagram application or website. There are several third party applications and sites available in the market by using which users can download Instagram private videos. This article contains the step by step instructions of how to save private Instagram videos. Users can follow this one-stop guidance to download private Instagram videos on their devices.

    How to download private Instagram videos on PC and mac?

    download Instagram private videos

    Source- (screenshot)

    Users can download Instagram private videos by using a web browser. There are 3 different ways to download Instagram private videos on windows and mac Systems. Users can follow given steps sequentially to download private Instagram videos.

    Method 1: By using the inspect element option.

    • Open a web browser (google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, internet explorer).
    • Go to the official Instagram website, log in with your Instagram account.
    • Go to the Instagram video, you wish to download on your device.
    • Right-click and go with the inspect option from the context menu. Users can also open the developer tools by pressing f12 keys. Mac users should place +1 keys to open developer tools.
    • In the developer’s tools, go to the Network tab.
    • Click on the media option.
    • Under the media section, users can see the Instagram video link which needs to be download.
    • Copy the video link.
    • Open a new tab on the web browser.
    • Paste the video link in the URL bar and hit the enter button.
    • After then, the user can see the Instagram video with the download option.
    • Click on the download button to download Instagram video on your device.

    Method 2:Using Html source code.

    • Open a web browser and go to the official Instagram website.
    • Enter your credentials and login to your account.
    • Look for the Instagram private video which you wish to download.
    • Right-click and go to view page source option in the context menu. Users can also view the page source code by pressing ctrl+U keys from the keyboard.
    • Hit the ctrl+F keys to open the search bar.
    • Type “og: video” in the search bar without quotes and press the enter button. (the users who want to download Instagram private images should search for “og: image”)
    • Open the video link in the new tab and save the video in the system.

    Method 3: Using google chrome browser extension.

    Users can download the Instagram private videos with the help of google chrome extension. There are numerous video download extensions available on the google chrome. Users can use such extensions to download Instagram’s private videos. Here are the steps to download private Instagram account videos on google chrome.

    • Launch Google Chrome web browser. (Download and install google chrome it is not installed on your system.)
    • Go to Apps-> Web store.
    • Search for downloader for Instagram+ Direct message and install the extension.
    • In the new tab, open
    • Login with your account.
    • Look for your favorite video which you want to download.
    • Hover on the desired video and click on the download button to save the video on your system.

    In this way, users can download any video on their windows or Mac device.

    How to save Instagram private videos on android?

    download instagram private video on android

    download instagram private video on android

    There are two ways by using which users can download Instagram private videos on an android device. The first method is to download Instagram videos from the cache memory. Here are the steps for private Instagram videos download.

    • Open the Instagram application. The users who don’t have the Instagram application can download an Instagram application from google play store.
    • Open the profile from which you want to download a video.
    • Watch the desired video completely.
    • Launch file manager and navigate to Android-> data->
    • Users can get the recently viewed video in the same folder.
    • All the files are stored with the .clean extensions. Users can rename and save the video file with .mp4 extension.
    • After then, the user should move the video file to another folder because all the files in the cache memory are deleted once the user clear device cache.

    Alternatively, users can make use of the third application to download Instagram videos.

    • Download video downloader for the Instagram application.
    • Open the Instagram application.
    • Go to the profile from which you want to download the video.
    • Scroll down and look for the video.
    • Click on the three dots icon from the upper-right corner of the video.
    • Click on the copy link option.
    • Open the video downloader for the Instagram application, which we downloaded in earlier steps.
    • Paste the video URL in the text box.
    • Click on the download button to download videos on the device.

    Tubemate, GetThemAll any file downloader, video downloader for the Instagram app are some of the applications available on the google play store by using which user can download videos from a private Instagram account.

    How to save Instagram private videos on iPhone?

    The iPhone users can follow a given set of instructions to download instagram videos on their device.

    • Open the Instagram application. Users can download the application from the ios app store if it is not installed on the iPhone.
    • Log in to your Instagram account.
    • Go to the video which you wish to download.
    • Click on the three dots of private instagram video and go with the copy link option from the context menu.
    • Open the web browser and go to the instadownloader co and paste the video URL in the text box. This site allows users to download Instagram private videos. Users can also make use of third party applications but its at your own security risk.


    Conclusion: How to save instagram private video

    Hopefully, this article assists users in instagram private video download. Feel free to get in touch with us in case of any queries or you may write in below comment section we will try to answer your query.

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    [updated]How to watch movie or TV Shows Online and top sites like 123movies

    online movie

    Technology has entered every corner of this globe, regardless of the industry that needs these methods and digitization. Of course, today we are living in a digital era where anything and everything is entirely possible, just from the comfort of your place. Most of us prefer watching movies and shows at our own comfort and convenience, even I prefer it. And that’s because some of us are too lazy to step out of the house and head just towards the movie theatre. Travelling from home to theatre, buying tickets, is irritating for most of us and I agree to it. To those who actually want to watch movies going theatre, can pretty directly book tickets online and carry on with their three hours of movie journey. Don’t worry, and we have some excellent websites and mobile apps that will let you stream movies online free.


    Okay, tickets can be booked online and watch movies in the theatre, but how about those who don’t want to go to theatre nor book tickets online, but just want to watch movies sitting on their couch, putting their earphones and get completely involved in their favorite movie? Of course, I too belong to this category. By the way, I have also seen people, who are actually willing to watch from their living room itself, but how?

    Want to know about those great apps and websites? Then, here’s the list that will actually let you enjoy, just from your personal space.

    Top movie streaming websites

    Below is the list of those popular streaming sites to stream movies online free. Eager to know them? Check it out:-

    # YouTube

    Did we really forget this favorite and a popular platform? All of us know what YouTube exactly does! Right? When it comes to movies and episodes, the first app or the website that scratches our mind is YouTube, and we all love it! It has many shows, kid’s shows, adults web series, movies, latest movies, music videos, funny compilations and what not? We just need something kind of YouTube. Even kids these days want YouTube Kids in their parent’s smartphone. Really, this app has reached to a great extent.

    # PutLocker

    That thing which impresses the users is the simplicity of the website and of course its navigation and interface too. You surely have the homepage bar in the interface when you enter the website. This space gives a lot of flicks and options with a variety of categories for you to keep watching the shows and movies. When you don’t have the title of the show or any other details, you can only explore the categories and get your preferred movie or show in just a click away.

    # 123 Movies

    Yes, it is another popular streaming site that has a lot of varieties and choices for the users to keep watching the movies and shows. Of course, the site’s name itself implies that it has a different range of categories for you to search on. You just have to open the 123 movie site, search for your movie and start watching it. Ensure that you have a good and stable internet connection too. by the way, i am sharing below 123movies Mirror Sites where you can see the streaming movies and shows but access these site could be risk, so visit on your own risk.

    List of Best 123movies Sites


    # Kodi

    I bet many of you are already using this app, and most of you have apparently heard about this app. If you want to watch shows online free, then trust me this one is the best app or website that people actually prefer. It runs on various platforms having many choices of movies and shows to search in. It is the best entertainment hub for movie lovers around. Kodi is an open source platform; which ultimately means that you can store all your movies and shows in a single space.

    # Crackle

    Crackle is a recently known free movie streaming site that every teen prefer to have in their smartphone. Crackle is the best online streaming or the live streaming app or a website that gives a lot of choices and options to view in the app. Well, it is another most preferred app across the globe. You can also use this app on various devices such as Roku, PlayStation, Xbox, and even Amazon Stick too. This is another must try the app.

    # Tubi TV

    I know many of you are already aware of this popular online streaming website which actually lets you watch a lot of movies, including the latest videos and shows too. You won’t believe, it has a bunch of movies, but yeah, you sometimes would have to watch some commercials and advertisements in between the show times. You can also watch shows online free, using this app. It is available on various platforms as well.

    # Snagfilms

    We all search for the best, whether it’s online or offline. Snagfilms is one such streaming app that provides the best without any charges or subscription fees. You don’t even to signup, just install and download the app, and go ahead with your searches in the app. It has plenty of movies and shows that are actually waiting for you! Just try the app, and you will love it!

    # SolarMoviez

    Well, to let you know, trust me this is another such app that can be seen in many of the androids and other devices. In fact, you can also go for apk downloads of apps that are not available on the app stores. SolarMoviez has gained a lot of popularity in the recent trend. Yes, it is one such platform that provides a lot of options which is very easily accessible and has a great dashboard too. You surely won’t be confused, and you will feel pretty comfortable using the app.



    Not just Solarmoviez and other mentioned apps, we have got a lot of other apps and sites that provide a tremendous online streaming service absolutely free of charge. Choosing one from the best is merely difficult. Yes, and you must try these apps and pick the best and the suitable one for you. Trust me; you will undoubtedly be entertained with all of its movies and shows.



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