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{Solved} iphone, Mac OS X and mac common problem like how to check storage on mac? how to transfer photos from iphone to pc. ? What is 3D touch in iphone ? how to turn off 3D touch?

iphone and mac common problem

Apple’s products like Mac OS X, Iphones and ipads are well known for its better security features, reliability and excellent hardware configuration among users. Many people are prefer Mac OS than windows and iphone than android even if these products are costly than other substitute products available in the market.

This article represents some of the common queries or problems like check storage on mac , photos from iphone to pc etc raised by the users which are new to iphone and Mac OS X.

How can I check the available storage space on Mac OS X? 

It is very easy to check the status of available storage space in Mac OS X. below is the step to check storage on mac

  • Click on the apple icon.
  • Go to about this Mac from the context menu.
  • Go to storage tab. Here user can see the total storage capacity and available free storage space on your system. It will also provide details about the space required by the system, applications and the user documents.

Many times user can experience the low performance of the system if the storage space is almost full. Then user can optimize the speed by deleting not required files.

User can also synchronize their data with icloud or install addition hard drive in the system. Numerous Mac tools available online which clean mac disk space by deleting the spam files, junk files, temporary and registry files.

What is force touch in Mac and how to use force touch mac ?

Force touch mac features typically found in apple watch and Mac book products which identify different forces applied on and track pads and touch screens. It provides additional functionality to users, users and gives various commands by applying little pressure on track pads.Users can perform different tasks like map zooming, rotate images and many more with force touch track pad.

User can change the force touch setting in the following way.

  • Go to apple menu
  • Click on system preferences.
  • Go to track pad >point and click.
  • By selecting the ‘click pressure’ user can set their preferences.

User can turn off the force touch feature by deselecting the checkbox of named as ‘force click and haptic feedback’.

What is 3D touch in iphone and how to turn off 3D touch?

3D touch in iphone is advance feature in latest Iphones which allows users to perform different task on home screen only. It uses pressure sensitive technology and sense the level of pressure user applies.

User can take selfie, click photo or shoot video, open mails, preview the websites with the 3D touch.

User can set the sensitivity level of 3D touch by going to > general > accessibility > 3D touch. To turn off the 3D touch feature user can go to the same and toggle off the 3D touch button.

How can I transfer media content (photos and videos) from iphone to Mac?

User can make use of icloud to access their photos and videos from any apple device. User can use following steps to perform photo transfer on apple iphone. User should have the latest version of iTunes installed in the system before executing below steps.

  • Make use of USB cable to connect your iphone to your Mac system.
  • If user wants to transfer content from SD card then simply insert the card into SD card slot. User can also make use of card reader if SD card slot is not available in their macbook.
  • Unlock the iphone and tap on the trust this computer alert on iphone after connecting it to Mac.
  • After tapping on trust, it automatically opens the photos and videos folders. If it won’t open automatically open it in system.
  • Open the import tab in photos.
  • Click on device name from the drop down list.
  • Here user can see the images and videos from their iphone. User can select images from them and then click on the import selected button to move all the content to Mac system.

How can I install beta version of macOS Catalina 10.15 with bootable USB?

For the process of creating USB installer drive user need 16GB or larger USB flash drive. After then user need to follow procedure given below.

  • Insert USB flash drive in the USB port of Mac.
  • Open the terminal application which is present on Applications /Utilities
  • Type the commands
    sudo /applications/install/macOS/catalina/
    –volume /volumes/untitlled
    && echo catalina boot
  • Check for the syntax of command and press enter key to run the command.
  • It will ask for administrator password. Type it and press enter.
  • This process can take some time wait for completing the process of creating Mac OS Catalina 10.15 installer USB flash drive.

installation process of Mac OS Catalina on the same Mac ?

If user wants to install Mac OS Catalina on the same Mac then run installer from the boot drive. Otherwise follow given steps to install it on another Mac system.

  • Insert the bootable USB flash drive we created in the Mac system.
  • Restart the Mac system.
  • Hold the option key until user sees the boot menu on the screen.
  • Select Mac OS Catalina installer option to install it into your Mac system.

How do I recover my iphone device after forgetting password?

After forgetting the password of iphone, if user repeatedly enter the wrong passwords then device locked itself. The device will not open until user connects it computer on which they last synchronize their iphone.

User need to restore their device if the forgot the password of the iphone. It is very important to have the backup of your data before restoring it.

User can use following steps to restore the iphone if user previously take the backup of their data on computer.

  • Connect iphone to a computer on which user previously synchronies their data.
  • Open iTunes.
  • Search your iphone in the devices list and then click on the summary.
  • Typically iTunes automatically synchronize your device after connecting it. If not then manually select synchronize.
  • After completion of synchronization process click on restore button.
  • Follow the instructions provided on screen to restore your iphone.
  • In the process if again it ask for backup process then it is recommended to take the backup of the device.
  • After restoring while setting up iphone click on the button restore from iTunes backup.
  • After then user can select their device from iTunes and click on the most recent backup of your device.

If user previously synchronizes their device on icloud then follow given steps to restore iphone.

  • Open web browser and visit official site of icloud.
  • Use your apple id o sign in into icloud.
  • Click on find my phone. From the all the devices select iphone which user wants to erase.
  • Click on the erase iphone button.
  • Type your apple id password when it asks.
  • Follow on screen instructions to restore and click on the restore from icloud backup while setting up your iphone.

If user ever takes the backup of their device and forget password then restoring it the only one option but it will erase all the data on iphone.


We have covered most common issue of iPhone and Mac. If you have still issue with any thing. Please write in the comment section, we will try to answer in next article.

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[SOLVED] How to speed up internet connection of Mac ?


Now days a strong internet connection is necessary for getting updates of the world. In the corporate world internet primary need as it connects thousands of machines to each other and useful for sharing information. It is very frustrating to work on a system with which is having slow internet. Sometimes mac internet slow and destroys the productivity of an organization.

There are many factors which affect the speed to internet connection, mac internet slow like web browser settings, location of router and many more.

It is observed that some network optimizations tips and trick can help to increase the internet speed. The Mac systems which are having highest speed internet also need some optimization for the superior performance. However, it could be speed problem from provider. I had faced such issues and then checked internet providers in my area to fix this issue. Apart from this, we have tips that may be definitely provides the smooth internet experience to user. So keep reading, this article will help you to speed up internet connection of Mac or Fix mac internet slow

Optimization Tips to increase the internet speed on Mac ?

Tips 1. Check your internet speed:

The first thing user can do is to test the internet speed of their system. If it matches the speed of internet they are paying then use in not having the problem of mac internet slow.

User can test their internet speed by using third party software available on internet. is one of the most used website to test the speed of the network. It provides the upload and downloads speed of the network separately.

Tips 2. Use efficient antivirus:

Internet is the primary gateway for viruses and malwares to enter in the user’s system. These malwares attacks the system and typically hijack the network bandwidth and decreases the internet speed. Use of efficient and powerful antivirus software and prevent these viruses attacks to system and increase the internet speed.

Tips 3. Check network preferences:

If the webpage takes long time load then there can be error in the network setting. User can check the network preferences by following given steps.

  1. Open the apple menu from the left concern of Mac screen
  2.  Select system preferences from the available options
  3. Go to network.
  4. Click on Assist me > Diagnostics
  5. Select what type of connection you have and then continue test.

Tips 4. Secured your wireless connection:

If user is using the wireless connection then it needs to secure for the better speed. Other peoples can get the access and utilize your bandwidth if the connection is not secured.

WEP, WPA, WPA2-PSK are the types of security setting of Wi-Fi user can choose any of them and have the strongest password to your wireless connection.

Tips 5. Close background applications:

There are possibility that the background applications like icloude are persistently refreshing and use the network bandwidth which causes macbook pro slow internet. Closing the background applications and software can clear the RAM and speed up your network connection. It can also help to increase the overall speed of the Mac system.

Tips 6. Close unwanted tabs and clears web browser history:

Many users are open the dozens of tab in the web browser. Most of them are not being in use. These unwanted tabs are eating considerable bandwidth of the network by continuously synchronizing and updating. So user should keep open the browsing tab which user really need.

User can optimize the browser by modifying certain settings s follows. 

  1. User need to open safari browser and then go to safari menu.
  2. Click on preferences and open the privacy tab from the available.
  3. Click on the button named as mange website data and choose to remove all.
  4. To delete browser history user can open Safari menu > clear history.
  5.  User can delete unwanted browser extensions to improve internet speed. Safari menu > preferences > extension. Here user can see the list of browser extension user can select and delete the unwanted extensions in the browser.
  6. In the folder library/ preferences there is one file of safari preferences , user can delete it to remove some safari preferences.

In some cases switching to other browser can also helps to increase the internet speed.

Tips 7. Delete DNS cache:

User can clear the local DNS cache (domain name server) to get a better internet connection.

Open terminal and type command below to flush DNS cache.

‘sudo killall -u _mdnsresponder mDNSResponder’

‘sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder’

‘sudo dscacheutil -flushcache; sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder’

After this enter your password and wait for some time to clear you DNS cache.

Tips 8. Minimize the time machine backup frequency:

Data is one of the most important things in these days. It is good habit to take the back up your valuable data. Mac OS X comes with built in time machine facility which regularly takes the backup of the users data to external drive.

By default time machine of Mac OS X take backup usually after every one hour over the Wi-Fi. To take the backup it uses the network bandwidth and user might experience slow internet. To prevent this user can decrease the time chine backup frequency.

To change the frequency of time machine backup follow these steps.

  1. Open the terminal from the desk menu and type the following command and press enter. Command 1: defaults write /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/
    Command 2:
    StartInterval -int <10800>

    Command 2 will set the backup time period frequency to 3 hours.
    User can also make use of third party software like time machine scheduler and set the time machine backup frequency without typing commands.
  2. Restart and change the position of Router:
    Switch off your modem or router, wait for some minutes and then turn it on again. This is most simple way to speed up your internet.
    Router position is also having significant impact on internet connection for the better benefits one should place the router in centre position or the place nearby where user intend to connect. Both aerial of the router should be pointing towards the sensible direction for the better results.
  3. Now use ethernet-cable :
    Wired connection provides faster connectivity than the wireless network. Wired connection is also more secure than wireless connection. In the wired connection there is less chances of congestion, signal loss and attenuation.
    If your wireless connection is not secured neighbours in the apartments can use your network and you may experience the slow network connection. Make use of the wired internet connection (Ethernet) instead of Wi-Fi is the best solution to have the fastest internet connection.
  4. Use VPN :
    Many internet service providers attack your bandwidth to decrease the internet speed. They mainly focus on the most famous video sites on which heavy traffic is found e.g. YouTube, Netflix. Many service providers are unable to identify the sites which are having more traffic so they throttle the above sites.
     Switching to fastest VPN can help to prevent the ISP throttling. User can also use the VPN ready router available in the market.


User can also make use of third party software available on internet which helps users to optimize your system and provides the better internet connectivity to user.

All the tips and guidelines mentioned above can increase the internet speed to the maximum limit provided by your ISP. If all the tips to increase slow internet speed are not worked for the user then user should contact the internet service provider and switch to the fastest internet pack.


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[Solved QA] Mac Issues and their Fixes of exe on mac, iPhoto library, apple reset password, mac maintenance, and reset the Mac to factory setting

exe on mac issue

Apple (Mac) is famous for it has awesome online support and answering the issues with minimum response time. There are large numbers available when apple users search for apple online support number. However, here i am writing below on most asked Mac issues such as how to fix exe on mac, iPhoto library, apple reset password, mac maintenance, reset the Mac to factory.

Frequently asked questions related to Apple and solutions are…

How to .exe files or windows on my Mac OS X system? 

Executable files are stores with .exe extension. To run windows file format on Mac operating system( exe on mac ), user needs to install BootCamp software or virtual machine with windows installed.

User can have free software which named virtual box and install the windows as a guest operating system in it. It is having the same features like commercial paid virtual machines programs but it needs to update regularly.

For the superlative hardware performance to the system, user can use windows with the apple’s BootCamp software. It makes the partitions of the boot drives, so user can install the windows in it and directly boots the system with windows. Users cannot use the windows system restore or other windows backup facilities with the BootCamp software. To take the backup user can use the WinClone which clones windows from Mac operating system.

How to find my images after iPhoto imports them?

Post iPhoto import, all the image files typically stored into Master folder which is present inside the iPhoto library package. As it is presents inside the package folder where normal Mac users rarely visit, users are unable to locate their image files.

User can export the image files from iPhoto and access it directly or can copy it to local folder. To do so go to

Users > Pictures Folder > iPhoto library after this right click to iPhoto Library and select the show content option from it.

If still user is having problems with iPhoto then user needs to reset the database of iPhoto.

To reset the iPhoto database follow the given steps:

  1. Close the iPhoto software if it is open.
  2. Keep pressing the command options keys on the keyboard.
  3. Open iPhoto software.
  4. Keep pressing the keys down until and unless the rebuild iPhoto library option get open in window.
  5. Different options are available in dialogue box.
  6. Select the options which you want to use.
  7. After selection options click on rebuild to start the rebuilding process.

After the process of the resetting or rebuilding iPhoto database the recovered photos are stored in the folder named “Recovered Photos” which is present in source list.

How can I reset my password on Mac operating system? 

Apple reset password : For many reasons like security, changing user permissions user need to reset the password. For the better security apple support advised their users to reset their password after every 6 months.

Here are the steps by which user can reset their password on Mac.

  1. While booting, press the command r key on keyboard.
  2. Open the terminal from utilities.
  3. Type the ‘resetpassword’ and hit enter.

After resetting the user account password in Mac users are facing the issues with keychain because user needs to update the keychain password after resetting the user account in Mac. There might be possibility that your keychain software is using the old password.

To reset the keychain password user need to follow the below steps.

  1. Go to utilities folders and open the keychain access software.
  2. User can see the lists of keychain options on left side of window. Select the login option from the available.
  3. Go to edit menu from the menu bar and select the ‘change password for keychain login’.
  4. Enter the current or old password and new password in the respective fields.
  5. Enter the new password in the verify field and use the same password to log on in the Mac.
  6. Click ok and finish the password reset process of keychain.

How to do the maintenance of the Mac OS X?

Most of the Mac users believe that their machine doesn’t need maintenance but it is recommended by the apple service center to have mac maintenance for better performance.

Certain set of steps are there to have proper mac maintenance of its operating system.

  • To fix the issues and problems related with security user need is to update the Apple provided software regularly. To update go to Apple Menu > Software Update (Repeat this step until it clears and all updates are installed)
  • Just like the apple provided software used also needs to install the updates of third party software. This can takes place by opening each and click on the update button. If update button is not provided then user can update the software by visiting its developer site.
  • Update all web browsers and check for any updates in browser plug-in and additional browser extensions. If available install and update them.
  • Reset the web browser caches.
  • Update the system preference files and the finder menu options.
  • If you are running windows or other operating system in Mac with the use of VM machines or BootCamp software then restore them to earlier secure snapshots and update all.
  • Before installing any third party software, make sure that you are installing it from verified resources.
  • Visit the Utilities > Activity Manager and do not let your boot hard drive or solid state disk (SSD) get filled more than 80%. For the best performance user should clear data if storage space is getting filled more than 80%.
  • Use the powerful antivirus to prevent the attack of malwares to your system. Mac operating system comes with its default antivirus ClamXav which is good for windows malwares which can attack OS X but less powerful to restrict the OS X malware attack.
  • Always have the clone backup of your Mac.

How can I reset my Mac to factory setting?

For some unsolved issues in the Mac the resetting Mac to factory setting is last and ultimate option to fix the problem. User can reset the Mac to factory by following steps given below.

  • Restart your system in recovery mode by pressing command and r keys on keyboard until you see the logo of apple on the screen.
  • User can see the Mac OS Utilities window on screen where you need to select disk utility and click on continue.
  • Select your start up disk and click on erase button.
  • Set the format as Mac OS Extended.
  • Click on Erase.
  • This process may take some time. Wait until the process is finished.
  • Exit from the disk utility menu.

After successfully executing all the steps all the data from the hard drive get erased and user can install the Mac OS X in the system.

Conclusion: Apple FAQ to fix common issues like exe on mac, iPhoto library 

We have tried to answer the question of asked user nevertheless if you have more question we will cover in next article. we would like to here any thing in comment section so please write here.


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